Part of your cultural journey of discovery in Koh Samui has got to be sampling local Thai street food which offers a truly aromatic treat for the taste buds! Of course you can also look to stay at a Koh Samui resort or hotel which serves up delicious local dishes which are well worth trying. Anantara Lawana Resort & Spa Koh Samui is one such option and is a Chaweng hotel that offers an eclectic array of cuisine in a variety of charming settings.

Part of your gastronomical adventures should be to explore Koh Samui and sample the array of dishes available at street side stalls and eateries. Thai street food has its own unique tastes and aromas and provides an exotic dining experience full of distinctive aromas and spices. Relatively cheap, this street food includes noodle soups, meat dishes and Thai salads made from fresh ingredients that have generally been sourced from local markets. Being an island, Koh Samui also offers plenty of seafood cuisine that provide delectable treats including dishes featuring squid, white snapper, shrimp and more.

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