If you love holidays where you can savour distinctive local cuisine, then the Maldives has plenty to offer; these are some of the top dishes to try on your trip.

Image credit- Pixabay,qq53536283,CC0

Mas Huni

This is a quintessential breakfast dish that’s well worth sampling for guests at private island-based Maldives villas. Typically eaten with a flatbread called roshi, mas huni is relatively simple to make; it consists of shredded and smoked tuna that’s mixed with grated coconut, chilli, onion and lime for a perfect flavour combo.

Local Curries

No foodie experience would be complete without trying spice-filled local curries, served at resorts such as Kuramathi Maldives. Mas riha is the name of a tuna curry ideally eaten with flatbread or rice. Chicken curry of kukulhu riha is also worth sampling, while you get curries made from veggies like eggplant and pumpkin too.


This is the name given in general for “short eats” which are traditional and yummy snacks made at homes and eateries across the islands. Amongst the favourites are gulha, which are ball-shaped snacks with a filling of tuna, chilli, grated coconut and onion and biskeemiyaa, a deep-fried creation with boiled egg, onion and cabbage.

Saagu Bondibai

For dessert, try saagu bondibai which is a delicious sago pudding. The starchy spheres that make up sago offer this dish a unique texture; when they are combined with coconut milk, condensed milk and cardamom as well as the lovely flavour of rose essence, you get a dish that you are bound to want second helpings of!