Any new destination that a food lover visits is absolutely special because, for him, that means a new food adventure. The world is amazing with many delicious food items, and here are some of them.


Pudding is a popular dessert in any country in the world. But, Brazil has a softer version of this which they refer to as ‘pudim’.

Deep-fried Olives

Although Italy will remind you of pizzas and pasta of every sort, do not forget about their deep-fried olives. The olives can either be stuffed with beef or even prosciutto, depending on your choice.


Another interesting South African food item that you’ll frequently come across on sites such as The Dine And Wine is biltong. It’s a snack that has spiced and dried meat such as beef and ostrich.


Bulgogi| Img by: hyun chun kim via Wikipedia, CC0

Bulgogi means ‘fire meat’ in South Korea. You get to eat this fresh meat with a sugar-and-soy sauce marinade and that’s why you get a slightly sweet flavour in it.


When in Spain, things to eat always include dishes such as this one. The rice dish known as ‘paella’ has all your favourite ingredients like chicken, shrimp, potatoes, and saffron.