Rice, seafood, spices and quite a lot of fragrant seeds is what forms the base of Balinese cuisine. There are many hotels in Seminyak which will provide the real taste of Bali amongst which W Retreat & Spa Bali Seminyak is a 5 star hotel Seminyak that one can rely on when it comes to good food. Rice along with a few vegetables, a satay and a bouquet of spices  is the staple food here in Bali while food prepared during festivals take on a different dimension of colour and vibrancy. Amongst the many dishes in Bali, Lawar, a mixture of pig’s blood, spices, grated coconut, green beans, boiled young jackfruit and singkong leaves is a favourite of the Balinese people that can easily be found everywhere in the island. Babi Guling which is basically a roast pig dish is another favourite amongst the Balinese and can be commonly found here as well. With regards to sweets, the black rice pudding made with natural black glutinous rice, palm sugar and thick coconut cream served hot has to be the most popular of them all. However, the best places top get a taste of the local flavour would be the traditional outdoor eateries that come to life at dusk which offer the most authentic and the most flavoursome of dishes that is available out there.

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