Cambodian cuisine is hands down one of the most palatable cuisines in the world. You could savour extremely spicy, sweet, sour and foods items with all kinds of flavours in Cambodia. Read on to about 4 dishes to get the full “Cambodian food experience”!


Fish Amok

Being one of the signature dishes of Cambodian food culture, Fish Amok is a creamy curry that is made with diced pieces of freshwater fish, rich and creamy coconut milk, sugar, fish sauce, milk, eggs and and assortment of spices. The dish is cooked the traditional way that is by steaming it in ban leaf shaped like a bowl.

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Stefan FussanCambodian Fish AmokCC BY-SA 3.0


Pepper Crab

This is a popular dish served in most of the restaurants in Siem Reap the likes of Chi Restaurant & Bar and many others. This is basically freshly caught crab stir-fried and seasoned with salt and a generous amount of pepper.

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Black PalmKampot pepper crabCC BY-SA 3.0


Kuy team

This is a staple soup dish that is loved by many. It is made from beef or pork bones and vermicelli. Ingredients such as garlic, ginger, shallots, bean sprouts and a variety of aromatic herbs are also added to the broth and it is served with chilli paste hoisin sauce, and a wedge of lime.


Chicken and banana flower Salad

This is a light and refreshing dish that is ideal to beat the midday heat. This simple dish is made from slices of chicken breast, fried shallots garlic, garlic, chillies and lemongrass and a handful of crunchy banana blossom flower. When all the ingredients are mixed together you end up with a decadent and crunchy salad. The salad is served with a tangy squeeze of lime.


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