Located along the South Australian coast, Glenelg is a popular suburb of Adelaide. While this laidback coastal area is a great place for chilling out and unwinding, it also is a super spot if you are in the mood for a good old-fashioned pub crawl!

glenelg beach
Glenelg beach view | Oaks Plaza Pier


There are many options where you can begin your pub adventures, though look to find pubs or bars that are within easy reach of one of the centrally located hotels Glenelg has to offer. Moseley Square is a good place to begin your “crawl” as it were. Look to put The Grand on your itinerary for sure and this popular haunt not only offers great music and drinks but lively crowds and wonderful seaside views as well. Another place to head to would be The Moseley Bar & Kitchen, within a 10-minute walk from Oaks Plaza Pier. Apart from the drinks, the ambience here is amazing as well and makes for a fun night out.


Of course, as any bona fide pub crawl enthusiast will tell you, pub-crawling is not as easy as you think and one can work up quite an appetite too! If you are craving seafood then look to head to the Holdfast Shores Marina complex. Here you will find such options as the Oyster Bar where fresh oysters are a great compliment to your night time drinks.


Back on the pub crawl; plan a visit to the area in and around Jetty Road. Amongst the venues worth checking out here would be the place known as The Holdy which has its own beer garden. Expect to find some super cocktail jugs along with live music that makes a night out even more enjoyable. Another place worth trying would be the Sunset Bar offering cool cocktails, seductive spirits and the Australian staple, beer!


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