You will find that Dubai would offer an array of tantalizing foods so that every visitor should be able to find dining options that would match their preferences and budget.

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The rich heritage of Dubai 

Dubai would undoubtedly be a very cosmopolitan city, with over 200 nationalities to be found there. As you might expect, this would mean that there would be a great variety of dining options here so that food lovers would have the opportunity to savour a variety of cuisines during their visit.

Fine dining 

Dubai would be a hub for fine dining with establishments such as Brazilian steakhouses, Japanese sushi bars and restaurants specializing in typical Emirati cuisine to be found in plenty; the options would truly be endless. When it comes to accommodation from which you could conveniently experience the fine dining restaurants in Dubai, consider the pleasingly located Avani Deira Dubai Hotel.

Try out shawarma 

On the other hand, Dubai would also be renowned for its inexpensive street foods and undoubtedly a highlight would be the ubiquitous shawarma which you could find at practically every corner. Shawarma would typically consist of a pita bread sandwich filled with slowly cooked meat, various vegetables and a selection of dressings.

Savour harees 

Another dish to try out in Dubai would be the much-loved harees. This traditional culinary creation that resembles hummus in appearance would consist of pureed meat, wheat and spices. This dish would be particularly popular during the month of Ramadan when it is served during the time Muslims break their dawn to sunset fast.