Apart from being the hub of Bangkok’s entertainment and shopping venues, Sukhumvit Road will astound you with its extensive range of food available here. Whether you are interested in street stall food, fast food or international specialties, this is the right place to visit to indulge your taste buds. This vibrant road reflects the diversity of international cultures combined together to create a wonderful blend of local and international flavour.

Whatever budget you have in mind, Sukhumvit Road will have the perfect meal to suit your purse. Street vendors sell a wide variety of delicious traditional Thai dishes such noodle soups and seafood, which are among the best street food in Bangkok. These dishes are bound to give you a taste of spice from the Asian culture and leave you wanting more.

For tourists used to international fast food, many of these famous outlets can also be frequented at Sukhumvit Road. Franchises like McDonalds, Starbucks, Burger King and KFC outlets are located along this colourful road.

Travellers looking for more expensive, classy and elegant settings to dine in can visit the wide range of restaurants and cafes on Sukhumvit Road. Whatever you are in the mood for, whether it be Italian, Japanese, Indian, European, Greek or anything else, a restaurant serving that specific kind of food can most definitely be found here. At Soi 55 along Sukhumvit Road, more vibrant and hip up-market restaurants such as that of Bourbon Street and Crepes & Co are located.

Travellers looking to stay at luxury apartments in Bangkok should ideally search for a Sukhumvit Road accommodation unit due to its central location to all the main tourist hot spots. The Compass Hospitality serviced apartments in Bangkok are elegant and make for a great place of rest and relaxation along this central road.