A city known as a cosmopolitan of variety, culture and lifestyle, describes Dubai in three words. A metropolitan that attracts thousands of visitors from all walks of life are definitely in for a treat, not just for the city’s spectacular attractions or the other many manmade marvels but for its delicious cuisines and dining options for the discerning traveller to enjoy.

Over the years, Dubai, United Arab Emirates has gained international recognition as a thriving city that never ceases to amaze and by being so, the country day in and day out thrives to be the foremost destination to visit. Visitors to the city looking for a delicacy to savour won’t be disappointed, the country boasts an assortment of local and international dishes for the traveller to indulge in. Basically, Dubai serves the world in a plate and it is certain that your love for food will be rekindled.

The city offers a visitor with a diversified range of delicious cuisines and due to its population being local and foreign its choices are endless. Locally, Arabian dining is regarded as the best here and with its array of exotic dishes to choose from, travellers are seen in numbers at the many hot spots waiting in line to feast on its delicacies.

Travellers to Dubai will find many Arabian restaurants such as the Al Diwan, Beilla Cafe, Al Iwan, Al Khaima, Al Khayal, Al Hadheerah and Al Kahn amongst the best spots that serve some of the best Arabic cuisines such as haeis, mehalabiya, kebabs, shawarama, fist, mutton and Arabic bread. With a plethora of dining options available in Dubai, a visitor can also seek out other spots that serve eastern, western, European, Asian and fast food.

A speciality to look forward to whilst in Dubai is the uniquely prepared stuffed camel known as Dubai’s foremost delicacy. This dish is among the largest prepared meals in the country and available at most restaurants. The visitor is also offered a complete range of international foods such as pasta’s, burgers, fried chicken, pizza, lamb chops etc. You can find these favourites at McDonalds, Burger King, Kentucky Fried Chicken, Starbucks, and Pizza Hut among many others.

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