The food you find in Sri Lanka has its own unique tastes, which can be extremely spicy to some travellers out there. You don’t need to travel so far in Sri Lanka to taste the best of its cuisine, a day or two spent in Colombo, its commercial capital will let you explore all of it.

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Rice and curry
Sri Lankans eat rice and curry for all their three meals which can be quite surprising to most of the other nationalities. Step into a Colombo city hotel for breakfast, and you’ll just see that although the tourists go for options like hoppers, and bread, the locals always prefer rice.

Milk Rice
For Sri Lankans, milk rice symbolizes prosperity and good times. So, on special days such as birthdays and even festivals, they always eat milk rice which is basically rice cooked with rich coconut milk and served with a spicy onion sambol.

An extremely popular dessert at hotels such as the Mandarina Colombo Hotel, which is loved by locals and foreigners alike. In Sri Lanka, Ramadan season is always with this immensely delicious dessert as Muslim friends offer watalappan to their friends and neighbours.

Isso Vadai
Basically, they are tiny fritters, made with dhal. Among people who love taking evening walks, Isso Vadai is an extremely popular snack that they can buy from almost any street vendor.