dining at oaks lagoons
Pleasurable dining at Oaks Lagoons

Located in the far North of Queensland is Port Douglas, a coastal town like no other. The population of Port Douglas is around an unremarkable three thousand, but more than doubles during peak season when tourists come in. It’s not often one finds a tourist destination that is so popular it attracts more than its population in tourists. As a result there are many choices of accommodation to choose from such as Port Douglas apartments accommodation with examples such as Oaks Lagoons. In addition beautiful coastal scenery and two UNESCO World Heritage Sites, Port Douglas has a series of incredible places for you to feast on various kinds of cuisine.

When it comes to dining in a coastal town its always best to try the seafood since its bound to be fresh and expertly prepared. The Lanternfish is a seafood restaurant that is light-years ahead of your average fish-and-chips outlet. This establishment serves a wide range of local seafood in a variety of styles. As a result you can find delicacies such as Moreton Bay Bugs with Kombu Butter as well as Vietnamese King Prawn Pho under one roof.

If you’re a fan of Mexican food then Port Douglas has something for you. At ‘The Mexican’, you can indulge in all of your favourite choices but there’s something that this restaurant does differently. Within its walls you will find a massive selection of hot sauces such as the ominous ‘Death Sauce’.

To make the most of Port Douglas’s beautiful coastal setting, visit ‘Barbados’. It’s a bar that guarantees spectacular views of the ocean and some of the best cocktails and alcoholic beverages in the region. So once you’re done exploring the amazing potential of the coastal gem that is Port Douglas, this might just be the perfect place to reflect upon your day’s adventure.


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