Blessed with sun kissed beaches, rolling green hills and tropical weather all year round Sri Lanka is truly a paradise on earth. This teardrop shaped island is located in the Indian Ocean just south of India. Although the country is most popular among tourists for its breathtaking beaches, Sri Lanka is also the home to some amazing wildlife sanctuaries and several awe inspiring historical sites as well. Once known as Ceylon, this island nation had been a British colony for more than a hundred years. Therefore, the visitor may still see the British influence in the architecture, language and food of Sri Lanka.

Hikkaduwa is a coastal town in southern Sri Lanka. It is home to charming sandy beaches, swaying palms and a tourist friendly atmosphere. Street food is a speciality in ‘Hikka’ as it is affectionately referred to by the locals. You will find a host of delightful dishes in the beach shacks and street food stalls in Hikkaduwa. Although Sri Lankan food can be quite spicy one can always request a change to better suit one’s taste buds. Kottu roti, aappa, and a variety of seafood and meat dishes are some of the popular snacks when in Hikka. Apart from the food the visitor can engage in a wide variety of aqua sports while visiting this coastal town. Surfing, boating, jet skiing and diving are some of the exciting activities that may be enjoyed in between indulging in scrumptious Hikka dishes.

Apart from the alluring beaches, you can also visit the Yala National Park if you are visiting the south of Sri Lanka. You will be able to see wild elephants, water buffaloes, Sri Lankan leopards and bears in the wild when you go on a safari in Yala. This National Park is also the home to a myriad of local and migrant bird species as well. A visit to the Yala National Park will help you connect with nature like never before.

When selecting beach hotels in Sri Lanka accommodation can be found with a back to nature touch. If you are looking for a Hikkaduwa hotel there are several options where you will be offered a tranquil and enjoyable experience along with excellent hospitality. Chaaya Tranz Hikkaduwa is one such option where you can reconnect with nature while enjoying a comfortable and exciting holiday.