A holiday experience is not complete without tasting the many local delicacies that your destination has on offer. And that statement is doubly true in Thailand for this nation is known worldwide for its magnificent cuisine. Throughout Thailand you can taste the delicious flavors wrapped around every imaginable thing on earth. And if you are a sea food fan in particular, you have come to the right destination for the quaint town of Hua Hin in Thailand which offers you Thai style sea food like you have never tasted before.

The long stretches of crystal clear beaches and the authentic ambience of serenity are some of the reasons that Hua Hin is so famously known for. It comes as no surprise that sea food is almost an art here and is found readily available everywhere you go. The people of Hua Hin are skilled sea food chefs; from lobsters to crabs to oysters and what not you find it all twisted with a couple of sauces and cooked to the perfect consistency. Another favorite is the fish fresh off the sea; there is something so magical in the dish when the fish is that fresh! Hua Hin’s picturesque beauty has given rise to an array of classy resorts and restaurants and the sea food that you find here lives up to its standards and also the price. But that is not to say that the street sellers are any less in quality or authenticity. In fact some even prefer the corner stands above any other restaurant! Whatever your tastes and preferences, you find it all in Hua Hin. Whatever you try, taste or savor don’t miss the famous ‘Tom Yum Gung’. A spicy and sour prawn soup that is renowned as the national dish of Thailand.

A taste of spectacular sea food and other dishes can be experienced at the Anantara Hua Hin Thailand Resort. This is one of those Hua Hin hotels that offers you the best of all the worlds. The exquisite experience of a night in this resort will make you realize that this is the finest of all the beach hotels Hua Hin Thailandhas.