Rue Cler Market is located in Paris, France at the 7th arrondissment (administrative division) of Paris. It is a must visit market if one is in the city of Paris. The market is opened on weekdays; it is open all day through out Saturday and is open on Sunday morning. Generally most of the shops at the Rue Cler Market are closed on Mondays. On Sunday mornings the market becomes extremely crowded as many Parisians flock to the market after the 11 am Sunday mass at St. Pierre du Gros Caillou at the rue de Grenelle. So being at the market before 11 am on a Sunday morning would be a good idea.
If one starts from the top of the Rue Cler street towards the left one will find the Halles Bosquet, the Flower Stand, Deli Zius Gastronomia Italiana, Oliver and Co., New Asia, Tribeca, Café du Mache, Creperie, La Fermette, Boucheries Coucaud, Les Quatre Saisons, Davoli – La Maison du Jambon, Darius Rotisserie, Les Floralies, Droguerie, Asian Traiteur, La Sablaise Poissonerie, Boucherie and Top Halles.
Towards the right side of the Rue Cler street one will be able to find FranPix, Bacchus, Fromagerie, Les Visiteurs, Famille Mary – Miel et Nature, Charcuterie, Leonidas Chocolatier, Leader Price and Boulangerie Patisserie.
Rue Cler is has some wonderful cheese shows, soft cheese, frozen cheese and many other varieties of cheese can be found along the Rue Cler Market.
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