Katara Cultural Village experienced Qatar’s very first Coffee Expo; a delightful coffee overload Arabic style. In the words of the ICE Doha – International Coffee Expo Doha, the aim of the expo is to ‘look at the world through your coffee’.


The Emerging Coffee Market of Doha Qatar


Qatar is one of the premier rising markets for coffee across the globe. Together with the GCC and other coffee producing nations Qatar will contribute to 50% of the world’s coffee intake. With this rising trend, new avenues for coffee production have opened up with a host of Doha restaurants serving as chic coffee houses.


From Instant Coffee to a more Refined Brew


To be honest instant coffee was quite a hit in the UAE; however, with the changing trends and quality upgrades, coffee drinkers in the GCC are getting hooked on specialty coffees as well as espressos. Traditional coffee standards are changing market trends and opening up new vistas that promise to take coffee drinking to new interesting heights in the future.


Gourmet Coffee on an Island


There is no better feeling than waking up to the smell of coffee. There are plenty of fabulous locations in Doha to do so; for instance, there is Banana Island just 25 minutes from the mainland offering loads of fun activities and breath-taking scenery to enjoy with a cup of coffee. The island is home to Banana Island Resort Doha by Anantara and easily reached via a fun catamaran ride.


Looking Back at Coffee Trends in Arabia


Coffee trees have their roots in the Ethiopian plateau. The story of discovery is traced back to the interesting observation made by a goatherd who noticed the heightened energy levels and frisky nature of his herd after eating the beans from a particular bush. Arab Sufi Monks in a monastery close by on investigating the beans brewed what was probably the first coffee. This was an elixir that helped them stay awake for all-night prayers. Coffee soon spread to the region and was most loved in the Arabian and Eastern Peninsula.


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