Towards the eastern side of the Hong Kong harbour lies the Lei Yue Mun Seafood Bazaar, which only came into prominence during the 1960’s. The small fishing village in Lei Yue Mun, grew in popularity when it was considered as being fashionable to purchase sea food from there.
It is said that in days of old those who visited the market at the Kowloon end of the entrance to the harbour, would select seafood and then have it cooked at a nearby restaurant. With many restaurants sprouting up around the harbour it’s much easier to make one’s selection of seafood while seated at a restaurant.
The constant promotions arranged by restaurants within the vicinity of the seafood bazaar, have successfully placed this area on the radar for new comers entering the town. The ever popular seafood festival attracts crowds that take to the streets, along with Cantonese opera performers at the festival. What was started in 1992 has today become an annual event looked forward to by many and tourists are sure to enjoy not only the seafood but also the entertainment in the form of lion dances.
If tourists happen to visit Hong Kong during the seafood festival then they enjoy the promotions on offer at the small eateries, with an equally amazing range of wines and beer to wash down that seafood. However, seafood festival or not, visitors to Lei Yue Mu can be assured of a splendid variety of catches that go straight from the net to the wok.
Apart from the glorious seafood there are a few attractions nearby which include the lighthouse, and the Tin Hau Temple which bears ancient Chinese inscriptions, the temple is serene and ideal to walk off those calories. Also within the vicinity of the seafood bazaar is the Hong Kong harbour, which also offers some amazing views and could be explored and enjoyed easily by boarding a harbour cruise.
Hong Kong has its own avenue of stars typically Hollywood in style, which honour movie stars along this walk of fame. Alongside the avenue travellers will also be acquainted with the Hong Kong film industry’s celebrities. Kiosks set up along the avenue are known for selling memorabilia of those in the local film industry.
Temple Street nearby to the seafood bazaar will hold something of interest to many. Here plenty of carts and stalls are swelling with goods from mobile phones, souvenirs and little nick knacks. Those who are lucky enough, often find themselves in the midst of traditional Chinese street opera performers or fortune tellers, to add to the pleasant memories gathered during one’s time in Hong Kong.
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