Hong Kong is one of Asia’s most exciting cities to live in or to visit and explore. As the sun goes down the city comes alive with millions of twinkling lights and busy streets packed with endless possibilities to entertain you. From the elegant restaurants and chic nightclubs to a relaxing cruise on the Kowloon bay the entertainment capital of Asia has it all.

Not only is it the entertainment capital, but also considered a forerunner among the culinary destinations of Asia. Along with its wide range of restaurants and delicious cuisines to tantalize your senses are a number of festivals such as the annual Wine and Dine festival which only adds meaning to such a statement and is widely popular among locals as well as tourists. Since 2009 when the government relaxed taxes on imported wines the festival took a kick off start with international wine connoisseurs flying to Hong Kong to participate in the festival. With the assistance of the local government hundreds of restaurants come together for a whole month, to make the festival a reality.
With the tax concessions, the restaurants and local gourmets offer fabulous prices and is an opportunity for even the casual taster to indulge in this luxurious beverage. Thousands flock into the city to partake of this magnificent experience that gives a taste of the best wines in the world in one place. Along with the wine booths are hundreds of other booths filled with delicacies whipped up by culinary wizards in the city offering fabulous promotions from complimentary dishes to half price to buy one get one free deals. Along with these are wine themed promotions such as Spanish nights and Japanese nights. With the Kowloon bay as the backdrop, the 2011 Wine and Dine festival was an immense success and the city awaits another spectacular festival to be held during the month of November in 2012.
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