Proteins are known to repair and build muscles in your body, making them one of the most important nutrients in the food pyramid. While most seem to dwell in a common misconception that meat is unhealthy, in reality, deep frying these items of food is what is not healthy. Therefore, incorporating a type of meat in your daily meals can boost long term health and keep you strong and sound throughout the day.



Turkey is among one the fresh meat that can be deemed healthy and can easily be purchased from online grocery stores like McEwan Fine Foods. It is a type of meat that is naturally enriched in flavour, deep enough to please one’s palate. Containing much less sodium than most deli meats, turkey can be served without having to prep it with too many sauces, rubs or blends.


Pork Chops

Add a little twist to your usual dinner by replacing your daily poultry dish with some pork chops. This meat is known to be low in saturated fat per serving and is a lean protein addition to your meal. Its ability to provide protein, zinc, selenium and iron supports the various functions of the body while aiding weight loss. However, pork chops fall into the category of red meats and should not be consumed too often.


Canned Fish

Canned Fish
Canned Fish | Image via flickr

While fish provides you with your daily dose of proteins, it is also a major provider of omega-3 fatty acids to your body that help reduce chronic diseases. A 3-ounce serving of canned fish is known to carry all the omega-3 fatty acids that your body needs. However, do be mindful when purchasing your canned fish and only stick to ones that are dipped in water or olive oil only.


Chicken Thighs

Perhaps one of the most popular and easily served types of poultry is chicken thighs. Carrying a high amount of zinc, chicken thighs are often an aid to recover from iron deficiency and helps weight loss. It is also one of the most affordable sources of protein to add to your daily meals.