Emirati Cuisine is a combination of both Middle Eastern and Asian gastronomic styles. The contemporary dishes of the UAE are highly sophisticated with a touch of spices which includes cardamoms, cinnamon, carmon seeds, rose water, ginger, saffron and much more. The specialty in the meat used in Emirati Cuisine is that all of it should be Halal. According to the Islamic law it is said that the blood of the animal killed should be drained before consuming. Fish is a customary item used in Emirati dishes which are served up in many ways: cooked, grilled, fried or boiled with rice. The hot climate and desert surroundings influence the Arabians to include a lot of dairy and meat in their daily diet. Arabian cuisine gives out the world a reflection of a remarkable Arabian heritage and an insight to a great civilization.
Traditional meals in UAE are Machboos, Margooga, Ma’louba, Hareees, Mishwy, Frsee’ah, Jisheid and Fireed. Meat that are used in Emirati Cuisine more often are chicken and goat, where as the camels are saved for the special occasions are given priority for transportation and milk. Muslims are forbidden to eat pork and you would not find pork in any Emirati dish. Emirati breakfasts are usually bread, chebab, raqaq and khameer. They are dished up with eggs, cheese or date syrup. Machboos is a meal prepared with rice, meat and onions savored with loomy and authentic spices. Harees is a popular delicacy which is prepared for special occasions like Ramadan, weddings or Eid. Thareed is a delicious meal where chicken or lamb are stewed with vegetable like carrots and potatoes served with Regag, a very thin bread.
For those with a sweet tooth Luqeymat is ideal. This scrumptious sweet meat is a pancake batter deep fried into balls and rolled up on sesame seeds. An Arabian meal is completed with a cup full of red tea savored with mint to give it a unique flavor. You would find alcohol only in hotels and bars. Emirati cuisine is definitely healthy and scrumptious enough to boost up your taste buds. If a traveler desires to taste these amazing dishes during their stay at one of the Abu Dhabi Resort, the Desert Island Resort and Spa by Anantara is a heavenly place to enjoy the best food and the finest facilities that Abu Dhabi Beach hotels have to offer.