The city of Dalian and its surroundings provides travellers with a truly memorable dining experience. From succulent seafood to mouth-watering grills, the city certainly serves it all on a platter. So if in the area select the most comfortable of Dalian accommodation. Choose a serviced apartment Dalian has to offer by staying at the Somerset Harbour Court Dalian which will offer you easy access to a host of dining facilities in the area.

Seafood lovers could try Wanbao Seafood Restaurant that offers a fine spread of stir-fried prawns. One can also sample some steamed sea bream served with mushrooms, ginger, spring onions, bamoo shoots and ham. If one is in the mood for a grill, why not head over to King Hans Barbeque or Mathew’s Brazil barbeque where one may find grilled sleeve-fish in mashed garlic and chilli sauce. The stalls found near Sanba Square and Wusi Square offer kebab-styled grills with your favourite choice of meat such as mutton and beef. The real flavours of Dongbei cuisine can also be savoured in Dalian where you can choose thick succulent Pork braised with potatoes, mushrooms and other vegetables that would make a good meal taste great. Also don’t forget to snack on Italian noodles, lamb steaks, Japanese sushi and Chinese delicacies at Zuo An.


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