Guangzhou can be said to be a synonym for great food, this Chinese city also known as Canton to the west is the capital of the Guangdong province in southern China. It is renowned world wide for the delicious and exotic food it bestowed to the world. The food is so varied here that you are able to find every thing from a simple bowl of rice and vegetables to a more daring dish of stewed wild dog meat. It is said that when it comes Cantonese cuisine your imagination is your limitation.

With many different meals, snacks and drinks that make up Cantonese food, each meal is different and varied from one another and is a whole new experience every time you try one. With sauces and mixes made from many different ingredients and spices Cantonese food mixes, jumble and stir all and every style of cooking known to man. This fusion of new and old and east and west creates the best combination of food that leaves you wanting even more.

Another specialty of Cantonese cuisine is the snacks they produce. From the noodles to the mouth watering dim sum it’s said there’s nothing to beat the snacks of Guangzhou made Cantonese style.

Whether it’s a midnight snack, a bitter jelly like Guiling Gao to cool you down or a Wonton Noodle in the morning, the best Cantonese cuisines should be savored in Guangzhou. Dining in Guangzhou is with out doubt going to be a memorable memory for any one who experiences it.

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