The main food of the Balinese comprises of rice, vegetables and a small quantity of fish or meat served up on a piece of banana leaf, washed and prepared. Not many Bali resorts serve up this authentic treat and therefore, choose a Bali resort that is capable of providing you with the best of what Bali has on offer in terms of both food and accommodation. Anantara Seminyak Bali is one such resort that offers all these conveniences blended together as one. Spices being the hero of any dish, the Balinese like the curious combination of sweet and spicy to adorn their dishes. While a variety of spices are used to flavour their signature food, palm sugar is the sweetener of their choice to provide that extra kick of sweetness to balance out their dishes. Some of the must-try dishes when visiting Bali would be the Lawar usually prepared by men, Babi Guling, a roast suckling pig flavoured Bali style and Bebek Betutu a duck stuffed with a variety of spices and vegetables and served on special occasions. On the sweet side, your journey to Bali will not be complete without tasting its black rice pudding, a delightful combination of black rice, coconut milk and sugar.


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