01 Dec 2021

Author: auburn


Twisted Tiramisu – Melbourne’s Coffee love story 

Ingredients 6 Egg yolks 150gm Sugar 500gm Mascarpone 250ml Cream (raw weight) 5 leaves    Gelatine 1 Shot       Espresso with Cointreau 1 Shot       Espresso with some hot water Finger biscuits, filter coffee, butter for crumble 75% Daintree cocoa powder Dark Callebaut chocolate for chocolate dome…

Main Dishes

Tuna tartare 

Ingredients Tuna 75g Lime dressing 5ml Thai chili 10g Jicama 40g Thai basil 1g Coral tuile 1g   Method of preparation: Cut the tuna grade into cubes. Peel jicama and cut it into cubes. In a salad bowl, put tuna and jicama cubes. Add the…


The Real Deal Sichuan Cuisine 

Sichuan food is mainly distinguished by how hot and spicy it can be. It is one of the few local Chinese cuisines that has successfully made the transition into international cuisine. Learn a little more about this style of cooking so you can update your…