Text Box:  Dining in Hong Kong will provide dinners with the usual array of cuisine. Still the country has its unique aspects including Seafood and Dim Sum options which are to die for.An urban metropolis, Hong Kong is a thriving hub of business that has seen immense growth over the years. Businesses from all over the world can be found here as a result of this port’s success. Matching this incredible diversity is the array of cuisine that can be found in the city. The city has everything from budget to luxury options ensuring that no matter what your palette and budget range, you are sure to find something that is suitable to your needs.

One of the most famous range of dishes is the internationally renowned Dim Sum course that was invented in China. This involves a range of starters that are served to diners in small portions. Some of the highlights include beef balls, shrimp dumplings and pan-fried squid, pork buns all of which are served in the traditional Chinese bamboo basket.

Seafood is another type of cuisines that is worth a try when on the shores of Hong Kong. Seafood preparation is somewhat of an art in Hong Kong and visitors will salivate when they smell the fine seafood dishes that they are presented with. There are four main locations that are suitable for Seafood which are Lei Yue Mun, Sai Kung and the islands of Lamma and Cheung Chau.

Like any other city in the world Hong Kong also offers a diverse array of different cuisine types. Various restaurants that offer dishes from around the world are all on offer. Further supplementing this is the usual array of fast food joints that are always on hand should you be craving a burger or pizza.

When traveling Hong Kong, visitors will be presented with an array of choice that is sure not to disappoint. Staying in a hotel in Hong Kong will usually provide access to a variety of dining options due to the crowded nature of Hong Kong. Eaton Smart Hong Kong is just such an hotel that not only has numerous dining options are located nearby but also offers comfortable accommodation options.