Tantalizing Vietnamese Treats for the Tongue – Treats that delight

Be it spicy, sweet, sour or even bitter, Vietnamese cuisine has a touch of all these elements of taste. Let’s take a culinary journey that will tell you about enticing dishes to satisfy the foodie side of you.



Since this is one of the highlights of Vietnamese dishes, the delicacy can be found in normal eateries or even fine dining restaurants such as those in many a resort in Mui Ne. The typical Pho included all beef slices, meatballs and beef flank garnished with aromatic herbs and lime wedges with rice noodles.

Banh Mi

This particular dish has a French touch to it as well. It is more or less a simple snack with yummy greens and your choice of meats, fish or egg sandwiched in a crispy toasted French baguette with pickled vegetables.

Banh Xeo (Crispy Pancakes)

This is not just your regular crepe, instead, this pancake is made of rice flour, coconut milk and turmeric. The filling, again, can be your choice of meats, prawns or egg and vermicelli. This too is quite a heavy but yummy snack to have while exploring the streets of Vietnam!

File:Bánh xèo.jpg

DuyTran16 at English WikipediaBánh xèo, marked as public domain, more details on Wikimedia Commons

Goi Cuon (Vietnamese Fresh Spring Rolls)

This is a delicate dish served in hotels such as Anantara Mui Ne Resort. This delight is a wrap made with rice paper which contains thin vermicelli, pork slices, shrimp, basil and lettuce. Goi Cuon is usually served with a special dip.


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Cho Lau a Definitive Dish in Hoi An – A Unique Native Dish…

The remarkable heritage city in Vietnam, Hoi An, offers visitors some amazing dishes such as Cao Lau featuring pork, herbs and fresh spring water from hidden wells. Read on to find out more.


How is it Made

The regional Vietnamese dish is made out of Chinese barbequed pork slices, Udon -like noodles, croutons, bean sprouts, fresh herbs and greens prepared in a thick pork-based gravy. This local delicacy is cooked using water from an undisclosed Cham well located outside of the town as well.


Where to Eat it

Cao Lau can be found at many Vietnamese restaurants in the city such as Quan Cao Lau Thanh, Ty Cao Lau, and Cao Lau Khong Gian Xanh. It can also be tried out at many a Hoi An hotel including the likes of Anantara Hoi An Resort.


Price Point

The price point of the dish can range anywhere between VND 10,000 and VND 50,000 depending on the type of restaurant you a visiting.


Modern Takes on it

Many eateries have they own version of the dish featuring rice crackers for added texture, peanuts, scallions, chilli jam, and lime. Modern restaurants have started using chicken instead of pork, or sometimes the pork broth is mixed with squid or shrimp along with additional herbs.



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Must Try Vietnamese Food – Essential Eats of the Nation

Vietnamese cuisine is one of the most balanced, healthy and philosophical culinary concepts in the world. Here are some of the most recommended delicacies the nation has to offer.


Goi Cuon


Also known as Vietnamese spring rolls, or salad rolls, these bite-sized snacks consist of fresh vegetables and your choice of meats.


File:Summer roll.jpg

anonymous, Summer rollCC BY 2.0

Ban Mi Thit


This is definitely one of the most indulgent treats Vietnam has to offer, and is their spiritual equivalent to the submarine. It consists of a Vietnamese baguette stuffed with a variety of fillings that can range from pork belly and vegetables to canned sardines.




This is one of the single most renowned dishes originating out of Vietnam. It’s a simple concept that has been utilised by many resorts in Mui Ne such as the likes of Anantara Mui Ne Resort to deliver decadent incarnations of the dish. Pho is basically a Vietnamese noodle soup, commonly made with beef or chicken, containing rice noodles, bean sprouts, basil and a few other ingredients.




Vietnamese cuisine has a variety of sweet treats for you to sample as well, but one of the most famous is the very mysteriously named ‘che’. It’s basically a pudding of sorts made with sticky rice and beans.



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