5 types of Trendy Food in KL and Restaurants to in which to enjoy them; Malaysian Cuisine

If you are in Kuala Lumpur and want to experience the trendiest foods that you can enjoy while in this versatile city, you should try out all of the following five foods and drinks.
To start off, the trend of drinking your vegetables and fruits rather than eating them seems to have found its way fairly easily from America to Malaysia, as can be seen with the many and varied kiosks and stalls that serve healthy smoothies which are often consumed by fitness enthusiasts. Spinach, beetroots, carrots, kale and some other ingredients are fairly commonly found in these juices which are also known to carry out a detox effect on consumers. Juice D’Fruitz, La Juiceria and Jucify are testaments to the climbing demand for these meal replacement drinks. Fine dining is also picking up in Malaysia. Chef Darren Teoh of Dewahkan takes his own spin on fine dining with a collection of only fresh local produce as his show stoppers; a delicious array of well cooked and beautifully garnished meals await anybody who wishes to try out his exquisite recipes which are becoming a hit in the KL region. There are also quite a few serviced apartments in Kuala Lumpur such as the Ascott Kuala Lumpur that are close by to these venues; you could easily opt for a meal at one of these eateries if you happen to be putting up in the area.
Next on the list is succulent pork; Iberico, a quaint restaurant in Damansara, dedicates its entire menu to the infamous Spanish Black Pig. A veteran in pork, the restaurant has set off a trend in Kuala Lumpur where many consumers are now eager to try out the mouth-watering pork gastronomies created by this daring restaurant. Make sure you try this one out if you love your pork. Grilled food is also gaining popularity these days with many of the consumer market shifting to grill themed restaurants where succulent meats and fish are served alongside generous side dishes. These restaurants and small eateries can be found almost anywhere. Bringing up the rear are the desserts served at KL’s infamous Soft Serve parlours that are most probably your best choice for dessert if you are staying in the city.

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Restaurants in Maldives – A treat for the senses!

The clear blue Indian Ocean, the sun kissed islands, the inviting beaches, the abundance of marine life and the stunning coral reefs sum up the natural beauty of the Maldives. Resorts, spas, fine cuisine and Pina coladas by the water are what make a relaxing holiday. Step out of your high heels and into your flip flops, or forget footwear altogether and embrace the powdery white sand beneath your feet. If you are a foodie, Kurumba Maldives was made for you! The hotel boasts over ten different dining settings and even classes in preparing local cuisine and cocktail making.

The local cuisine, much like all other aspects of Maldivian life, is centered heavily around the ocean. The bountiful seas that surround the islands are brimming with marine life, which makes for a thriving fishing industry. Commonly found fish like skipjack tuna, yellowfin tuna, bigeye scad, wahoo and mahi-mahi make their way to dining tables all across the country and are even exported. Fish dishes prepared with local spices and flavours also feature on every restaurant menu. Many local preparations also incorporate coconut that grows freely along the shores. Maldivian food is heavily influenced by Sri Lankan and South Indian as well as Arabic and Oriental cuisines.

Restaurants in the Maldives go beyond delectable food, many apply an awe inspiring theme and aim to create a unique ambience. Many hotels have bars and restaurants that offer overwater dining experiences and barbeques on the beach. A few even have underwater restaurants. Currently under construction, on Lhaviyani Atol, is the largest undersea restaurant in the world. The structure comprises of an acrylic dome on a steel structure. Once completed a spiral staircase will lead down into the twenty four seater restaurant which can even be converted into a stunning wedding venue. The grand opening is scheduled for August 2016.

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Brisbane’s Top Restaurants for Waterfront Dining – Foodie Delights by The River

If you are a foodie heading to Brisbane and looking to not only treat your taste buds to the finest in cuisine but also soak up the city’s enchanting ambience then waterfront dining is just the thing. It is quite popular amongst both locals and foreign visitors and the waterfront area is lined with many popular eateries and restaurants where you can savour both the view and the varying flavours. Here are some top picks worth trying out.

1. Customs House
Part of the charm of dining here is the fact that this restaurant occupies a historic building; couple that with a wonderful view of not only the river but Story Bridge too and you get a venue which exudes old world charm. Modern Aussie fare is served here including fresh and truly delectable local seafood and other delicacies perfectly paired with wines.

2. ARIA Brisbane
Owned by Peter Sullivan and Matt Moran who you may recognise as a guest judge from Australia’s Master Chef, ARIA Brisbane features stylish decor and panoramic river vistas. The interiors reflect the city’s modern charm and patrons have the chance of sampling everything from Barramundi to Oyster Blade Wagyu beef along with an extensive list of wines from Australia.

3. Kingsleys Steak & Crabhouse
With its idyllic views of Story Bridge, the Kingsleys Steak & Crabhouse is a popular foodie haunt for those who love seafood and the best of steaks. The 1 kg T-bone steak is worth giving a try as is the chilli mud crab dish. Once again the wine list features regional wines that complement the flavours of these dishes. Such dining venues are easily accessible from Brisbane city hotels near the waterfront. Oaks Casino Towers is one such option you can consider.

4. Watt Restaurant + Bar
As with the other waterfront restaurants, seafood is a speciality here. Overlooking the Brisbane River, the Watt Restaurant + Bar can be found in the vicinity of the Brisbane Powerhouse and has both indoor and outdoor space. The menu features modern Australian fare, while there is also a pre-theatre menu, perfect for that yummy bite before a show.

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