Known for its imaginative and quirky monuments, adrenaline-rich theme parks, epically fantastical nature escapes, and theatrical heritage beauty, Guangzhou is a sumptuous feast for the senses, and its excitingly diverse food culture completes this exotic experience.

NeoBatfreak, Wonton Noodles Soup (Clovis Ca. 93612), CC BY-SA 4.0

Wonton Noodles

Whether your itinerary revolves around climbing the spectacular White Cloud Mountain, gazing at the magic of Moon Lake, exploring the different architectural styles gracing Shamian Island, or spending a day immersed in the high-octane Chimelong Paradise realm, you need to rejuvenate your travel-riddled soul with a steaming bowl of this piquant noodle dish, flavoured with fish broth, bamboo shoots, wonton, and dried shrimp.

Claypot Rice

If you prefer the hearty fulfilment of a richly flavoursome rice dish, Guangzhou’s staple is infused with succulent cured meat, melt-in-the-mouth vegetables, and a lip-smacking broth to soften the addictively crispy grains.

Ting Zai Congee

A deliciously traditional dish that caters to every calibre of broth connoisseur with its soft, sweet, textured medley of jellyfish, egg, shrimp, fried peanuts, and green onion, this Cantonese rice porridge is the perfect pick-me-up after a delightfully long day of sightseeing.

Vermicelli Rolls

For light yet flavour-packed savoury treats that you can take on your scenic treks, these buttery, translucent rice flour rolls, generously stuffed with diced meat, egg slivers, and veggies, are perfect, especially after a good dunking in soy sauce. If you’re looking for an exemplary hotel near Pearl River Guangzhou proffering excellent access to its most tastebud-tantalising hotspots, venture no further than the likes of Oakwood Gold Arch Residence Guangzhou.

Chicken Feet

For those with a more adventurous palate yet craving the familiar soulful deliciousness of batter-fried chicken with the mouthwatering twist of zingy bean paste, this unconventionally snackable addiction is a must-try!