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22 Jul 2024

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Dining in Rotorua 

Most of the eateries in Rotorua are located in ‘Eat Streat’. No dining experience in Rotorua would be complete without tasting authentic Maori kai food. Blending the wholesome and exquisite flavour of pre-European cuisine with the traditional Maori cultural entertainment, there is an array of…

Miscellaneous Topics

Dining in Queenstown 

In Queenstown one can taste both European and Pacific Rim cuisines. Restaurants in this city come in numerous varieties amounting to about 150 and catering to all tastes and budgets. These restaurants range from fine dining establishments to regular cafés.  Among the most popular restaurants…

Miscellaneous Topics

Thai Spices & Herbs 

Known for their medicinal and beneficial properties the exotic spices and herbs of Thailand include turmeric, sweet basil, shallots, sacred basil, pepper, marsh mint, lime, lemon grass, kra-chai, kaffir lime, hoary basil, greater galangal, ginger, garlic, cumin and chilli. These ingredients are incorporated into Thail…