The exotic Maldive Islands are recognized as a premier tourist destination with their idyllic beaches and clear blue ocean waters attracting countless visitors from abroad. The tropical sun shines alluringly in this magical land, creating an unforgettable experience to be found nowhere else in the world.

The visitor will find several dining options from which to choose. All tourist resorts feature one restaurant at least, where the traveller will be able to sample different types of cuisine; generally resorts will serve the kinds of food desired by guests, which may be traditional Asian cuisine or contemporary European. Typically breakfast is included in the package, and the majority of the resorts offer half-board, providing a dinner buffet, as well as full board, which entitle you to a buffet for lunch as well as dinner.

Outside of your resort the primary dining options are to be found in the islands’ capital Male. Here you will find excellent restaurants targeted at foreign visitors, including some well-known Thai restaurants, as well as unpretentious eateries serving local food.

Maldivian cuisine is based largely on fish, particularly tuna. It demonstrates clear influences from South Indian and Sri Lankan cookery, with dishes being typically spicy, hot and flavoured with coconut; however vegetables are rarely featured. A typical Maldivian meal will include rice, garudhiya – a fish broth, and accompaniments of chilli, onions and lime. Meals may also feature unleavened bread called roshi similar to Indian roti and the Maldivian equivalent of Indian poppadums, crispy papadhu.

Several other dishes are also commonly enjoyed by Maldivians. These include fihunu mas, barbeque fish broiled in chilli; mas huni, a common Maldivian breakfast dish consisting of smoked shredded fish with onions and coconut; and breadfruit curry, bambukeylu hiti.

Maldivian restaurants also offer snacks known as hedhikaa which are inevitably deep fried and fish-based. These include gulha – smoked fish stuffed into pastry balls, bajiya – pastry containing fish, onions and coconut, kulhi borkibaa – a spicy fish cake and keemia, deep-fried rolls containing fish.

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