01 Dec 2021

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brunch in Melbourne
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Guide to brunch in Melbourne 

Brunching is not at all a novel concept. People in Melbourne love to hang out with their mates and brunch together talking about their busy days and lives. Here’s more on the subject. The concept ‘brunching’ Brunching is not a new concept in the European…

Main Dishes, Recipes

Ten Don 

  Ingredients Prawn White Cleaned 21*25                           265g Baby Corn Whole                                              90g Lady Finger (Okra)                                             90g Enoki Mushroom                                               90g Rice Japanese                     …

Main Dishes, Recipes


An essential part of Myanmar cuisine, Mohinga is a traditional breakfast dish consisting of fish broth with rice noodles served with split pea fritters, hard-boiled egg, fish sauce, chilli and coriander. It is considered the national dish across the country and the most popular morning…