24 Feb 2024

Author: auburn

Miscellaneous Topics

Tianjin Food 

Tianjin food is more of less much focused on regional food such as river fish, shrimps and seafood because of its location along the coast. The best place for Tianjin cuisine however is the Tianjin Cuisine Street which is best experienced from a comfortable Tianjin…

Street Food Stalls

Street Foods in Makati 

Leisure traveller in Manila can opt for an option of serviced accommodation Manila has to offer. Somerset Olympia Makati offers some of the finest serviced apartments in Makati. No travel experience in Makati would be complete without tasting some of its street food. Try a bite of peppery…

Fine Dining

Traditional Cuisines in X’ian 

Find centrally located Xian accommodation where an option such as Citadines Central Xi’an would be ideal. There is much to see and do in the region when you begin your travel. Xian has a great number of attractions. Among the many experiences visitors to Xian…