Cuisines in Maldives – Tastes of a tropical paradise

The Maldives is known for its culture, and an aspect of its culture is Maldivian cuisine. Incorporating rich flavours and spices, Maldivian cuisine offers truly mouth-watering dishes and treats.

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Core ingredients

As with any cuisine, Maldivian cuisine also contains core ingredients which form the base of most Maldivian dishes. An ingredient which forms the basis of almost all curries and dishes is coconut. Given that Maldives is an island nation it is obvious that fish is a key component of most dishes. The flesh of the fish or fish stock is common in many dishes.

Spicy dishes

Maldivian cuisine is highly influenced by Sri Lankan and Indian cuisine. Both Sri Lankan and Indian cuisines are known for their hot and spicy dishes, so naturally, Maldivian cuisine also offers spicy dishes.


Maldivian cuisine boasts of rich ingredients such as onions, chillies, lemon juice and salt served with roshi, rice and tuna. One of the most popular dishes in the Maldives is called Garudhiya which is basically fish broth with different spices and condiments. It has cubes of tuna as well as the head of the fish in it. It is a soup and eaten almost every day by locals. Hanakurimaas is another dish that is cooked commonly. Travellers seeking for accommodation could consider a stay at one of the renowned resorts such as Kurumba Maldives where you will be able to indulge in scrumptious Maldivian cuisines as well as base your excursions to various Maldives restaurants.


While dishes such as Mas Huni and Fihunu Mas are dry dishes, many of the other Maldivian dishes include spicy curries. Curries are essentially dishes inclusive of a thick broth or gravy made using coconut milk or stock. Meats, as well as vegetable dishes, are generally made with curries




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Maldivian Cuisine – Delectable Culinary Treats

The Maldives is regarded as being one of the world’s most attractive holiday destinations. However, you will also find distinctive cuisine in the Maldives that are also worth trying out.


Bis Keemiya


The delectable bis keemiya is a Maldivian treat that will undoubtedly appeal to the food lover. It can perhaps be described as a blend of a curry puff, a spring roll and a samosa; if you can imagine a food that combines the positive qualities of each of these, you will have some idea of what a bis keemiya is.

Boshi Mashuni


Boshi mashuni is a Maldivian speciality that can be translated as a salad made with banana flowers. Boshi mashuni can perhaps be described as a culinary preparation that falls somewhere between a salsa and a salad.




The well-known garudhiya, which is a fragrant soup of fish, is very much a must-try food for visitors to the Maldives. In fact, if you like the dashi or miso that you will find in Japanese cuisine you are very likely to enjoy garudhiya as well. As you savour Maldivian foods a choice of accommodation that you may consider would be Anantara Dhigu Maldives Resort which offers some of the best Maldives restaurants in the country.


Saagu Bondibai


The exquisite saagu bondibai or Maldivian sago pudding is a dessert that all visitors to the Maldives should take the opportunity to sample. Sago is a popular food item in the Maldives, with the locals including it liberally in their recipes. Maldivians obtain their sago from the spongy middles of the stems of tropical palms.


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Common Dishes in Maldives – The Distinctive and Delectable Cuisine of the Maldives


The Maldives islands are unique in so many ways. It is the most geographically dispersed nation in the world, and a nation that many would currently label as the most dreamed about tourism destination in the world. The various islands that make up the Maldives are adorned with pristine beaches, lush tropical scenery and luxurious establishments such as the Anantara Dhigu Maldives Resort.


One thing that you should truly indulge in if you find yourself in this island nation is the food. You can visit various Maldives restaurants and sample differing takes on these unforgettable dishes.


Considering that the Maldives consist of a bunch of islands, fish and seafood plays a leading role in their diet. One of the best ways to start off your day is with some mashuni. This is the essential breakfast dish and it is an indulgent paste that is made by mixing together tuna, onions, chilli and shredded coconut. There’s a vegetarian version of this as well where tuna is replaced with mashed pumpkin.


Mashuni is usually consumed with a flatbread known as roshi. It is essential almost identical to an Indian chapatti. If you prefer to have breakfast on the go, then masroshi is definitely something for you. It’s a bun like snack made by stuffing mashuni into roshi and then baking it. There’s a similar deep fried dish called gulha where small balls of dough are filled with mashuni and then deep fried to form indulgent bite-sized snacks.


Gulha is a type food that falls under an umbrella term known as hedhikaa which refers to a variety of Maldivian snacks. Popular snacks from this category include keemia which is a deep-fried fish roll, and kulhi boakiba, a spicy fish cake.


There are many more culinary delights to explore in the Maldives so if you ever find yourself in this astonishingly beautiful country, be sure to sample as much food as you can. Remember, variety is the spice of life.


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