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London Restaurant Festival – Bring your Taste-buds to Life

London has some of the most diverse culinary flavours. It really comes as no surprise as such a diverse population of various ethnicities call London their home. With the modern trend of eating out bigger and better than ever before, the city’s annual restaurant festivals happens to be a must not miss. Showcasing an array of exotic flavours from all sorts of restaurants throughout the city, this event is a pompous food parade that feeds you flavours you would have never experienced before. So food lovers book your tickets to London this Autumn because from the 3rd to the 21st of October you are going to be one stuffed and happy tourist!

The London Restaurant Festival is one fortnight of all sorts of fun with the world of food. You get foodie events to indulge in and plenty of different menus to try out. The city comes alive presenting their all time favourite dishes and highlights some of the exotic and new varieties in the market as well. This event is also an excellent time to learn of the new players in the restaurant industry. Whatever your budget is; be it exotic or value deals there is something for every pocket and certainly for every palette.

The events lined up for the ardent participants this October are diverse and sound absolutely fun. The primary idea focused around is ‘restaurant hopping’ and hence you get the Tapas Tours, the Cicchetti Trails, the Graze, the Gourmet Odyssey and so much more. This year like every other year the famous food film will be featured; this is a favourite among participants at the restaurant festival.

Tantalize your taste-buds, discover ‘your’ taste and figure out your favourite restaurant in the exotic city of London; a place with one of the most thriving restaurant scenes. When you visit London this fall choose a comfortable hotel that provides you luxury combined with flexibility. A popular name is the Millennium & Copthorne Hotels UK; one of the best 4 star UK Hotels. These hotels in London are not just the best in the UK but are among the finest hotels worldwide.


Umanga Kahandawaarachchi is a passionate travel writer who writes under the pen name, Maggie Tulliver. Her field of writing covers a wide array of content and articles related to travel and hospitality industry. Google+

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