Must-Try Authentic Local Food in Bangkok – Experience Thai Cuisine at its best

Those who love food would know that all brilliant flavours are not confined to Michelin Star restaurants. Sometimes the authenticity of the dishes is truly brought out in the dishes served at the local eateries in town. Here are a few unique dishes to get a taste of.


Thai Cuisine

Thailand is renowned as a foodies’ heaven. The reason for this is most probably the fact that the country is filled with award-winning restaurants and the street itself is packed with eateries and hawkers preparing wonderful food that smells tempting!


Pad See Ew – Thai Stir-Fried Noodles

Commonly seen sold at hawker stalls and even restaurants in Bangkok, Pad See Ew is much loved by many. The dish includes a mix of wide rice noodles seasoned with vegetables like cabbage or Chinese broccoli and pan-fried with a meat of your liking. Add some dried chilli flakes for some spice.


Kluay Tod

Kluay Tod is a delicious dessert made of deep-fried bananas covered in a batter of desiccated coconut and sesame seeds. The dish might sound a little queer, but the taste of those golden, crispy treat is something you will remember for sure.


Som Tam

As we all know, Thai seafood dishes are the best, you just must try Som Tam! This is a great delicacy where the main ingredient is shrimp. Papaya, tomatoes and carrots are mixed with lime juice. Whet your appetite with hotel deals in Bangkok at hotels like Emporium Suites by Chatrium.


Intrigued by history, art and food, Lavinia Woolf is a writer who is passionate about the extraordinary and writes of the exhilarating and enchanting. Google+

A Quick Guide to Cambodian Cuisine – An Asian Cuisine to Relish In

Cambodian cuisine, more commonly known as Khmer cuisine, is the traditional cuisine of the people of Cambodia. The following is a little more information on the Khmer cuisine that might interest you.


In comparison to south-east Asian cuisine

As one of the oldest living food cultures, Cambodian cuisine is usually overshadowed by the Thailand and Vietnam cuisines. The cuisine does have a mix of other cuisines and their flavours; however, it stands out as a cuisine of its own. A mix of local and international flavours is evident in Cambodian cuisine.


Similarities with south-east Asian cuisine

Certain dishes that are famous in Vietnam are also quite popular in Colombia, such as iced coffee with sweetened condensed milk and baguette-type sandwiches.

Flavours in Cambodian cuisine

You must brace yourself for different kinds of flavours in Cambodian cuisine, some that may need some getting used to such as Prahok, which is a crushed, salted and fermented fish paste that’s a common seasoning which has a strong and salty taste. Rice is found in almost all dishes and most main courses also contain fish or shellfish. There are more than a dozen different types of rice that’s used!


Dishes you shouldn’t miss

When you’re in Cambodia, Fish Amok is a must try as it is considered by some to be the national dish. Bok Svay, Tuk Meirc, Samlor Karkoo and Num Banchok are a few other dishes to try. Drop by at Chi Restaurant & Bar and numerous other restaurants in Siem Reap to relish on these amazing dishes!

File:Cambodian Fish Amok.jpg

Stefan Fussan, Cambodian Fish Amok, CC BY-SA 3.0

Intrigued by history, art and food, Lavinia Woolf is a writer who is passionate about the extraordinary and writes of the exhilarating and enchanting. Google+

A Foodies Guide to Guangzhou – Savour mouthwatering flavours

Guangzhou food is known as Cantonese cuisine and it uses fresh ingredients which makes it nutritious and sensational on the taste buds. Guangzhou is, in fact, the birthplace of Cantonese cuisine and there are some amazing dishes you need to try out.

Dim Sum

Dim Sum | Image Credit : ProjectManhattan, Dim sum, CC BY-SA 3.0

Dim Sum

Dim Sum is a staple Cantonese dish that has its roots thousands of years back. It contains either steamed or fried dumplings. Dim sum is generally served in a steamer basket or small plate and may be accompanied with soy sauce or any other kind of dipping sauce. If you’re based in accommodation in Guangzhou China the likes of Ascott Guangzhou, you’ll come across plenty of restaurants to savour popular Cantonese dishes such as Dim Sum.

Kao Ru Zhu

This flavoursome dish has been a part of Cantonese cuisine for over 1,400 years. It is a dish made up of roasted whole suckling pig and it is cooked in two ways; either slow roasted to preserve tenderness in the skin or roasted over a full fire for a melted and crackling skin.

Shuang Pi Nai

Getting on to the subject of delicious Cantonese desserts Shuang Pi Nai is a must try. It is a sweet dish made up of buffalo milk, egg white, and sugar. The creamy texture is quite a treat on your palate and quite often Shuang Pi Nai is topped with raisins, lotus seeds and a red bean.

Long Hu Dou

Straying away from the path of conventional food we come to the exotic dish called Long Hu Dou. Translated the dish name means dragon fighting against the tiger. And it is just so, for the dish is made up of snake and wild cat – not a meal for the faint-hearted.

Intrigued by history, art and food, Lavinia Woolf is a writer who is passionate about the extraordinary and writes of the exhilarating and enchanting. Google+