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01 Jun 2023

Category: Arab


The Flavours of Arabian Gastronomy 

When it comes to Middle Eastern foods, Arabian cuisine offers an array of delectable dishes that will undoubtedly capture the imagination of the food lover with its remarkable flavours.   Manakeesh This distinctive food which may be described as the Arabian equivalent of a pizza…


Popular Dishes in Qatar, Machboos 

Travelling around in Qatar and you just happen to be a hard-core foodie at heart? Then teasing your taste buds with the delicious machboos, a definitive dish of the region packed with tantalising flavours is a must!   The Dish Popular across many emirates in…


Abu Dhabi Cuisine 

Simple, healthy and bursting with flavour thanks to a combination of aromatic spices such as cardamom, rose water and dried lemons, here are 4 must try traditional dishes when you are next in Abu Dhabi!   Harees Harees is a traditional dish which makes an…