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06 Jul 2022

Category: Restaurants

Fine Dining

Japanese Cuisine 

Japanese cuisine is a unique type of food that many people around the world love to try out. It is simply unique and carries its authenticity in its taste. A Japanese meal would not be complete without its staple food, steamed white rice served along…

Fine Dining

Cloud 9 Sky Lounge 

Visit the Jin Mao Tower in Shanghai, an 88-story soaring skyscraper consisting of offices and other venues. Adorning the striking skyline of Pudong, the tower’s design draws influence from traditional Chinese architecture. Divided into 16 segments, the tower is constructed around a concrete shear wall…

Fine Dining

Dundas Street of Sweets 

If you have a sweet tooth or are just looking to savour the exotic tastes and flavours of the Orient, then make your way to Dundas Street in Mongkok, Hong Kong. Home to a wide array of street side eateries and stalls, this lively street…