07 Jul 2020

Month: January 2019


Traditional Dishes of Maldives 

Have you ever wondered how Maldivian food taste like? From warming curries to delicious seafood, Maldives offers something special for everyone. Try out the array of cuisine on offer in this part of Asia.   Fish Thanks to the surrounding turquoise waters in the Maldives,…

Sri Lankan

Sri Lankan food styles 

Sri Lankan cuisine is well-known for its spicy food. If you are holidaying in this country, you should try out some of its popular dishes since you wouldn’t find them anywhere else in the world! Rice and curry This is a typical Sri Lankan meal…


Thai Food in Koh Samui 

You cannot leave Thailand without exploring the wonders of its culinary world. Koh Samui happens to be one of the best places in the country to do so. Want to know more about the dishes?   1) Gaeng gai baan An excellent dish that can…