Dining Out in Maldives

Maldives has an abundance of visitor-friendly restaurants where prices are reasonable and the food is tasty, with western cuisine usually available. Most of the Maldives resort have their own restaurants where both Maldivian and international cuisine is served. If you want a complete Maldivian experience visit Cocoa Island by COMO, one of the Maldives luxury resorts and try these amazing Maldivian dishes.

Maldivian cuisine is based on Coconuts, fish and its derivatives as well as starches such as rice. Coconut milk is a primary ingredient in Maldivian curries, while fish sauce and fresh fish are used in the filling. Rice is eaten in its natural form and made into a variety of different starchy creations.

One of the basic and traditional food items of Maldivian cuisine is Garudiya, which is clear fish broth which is based on tuna species found in the nation’s ocean waters cut up following a traditional pattern. Garudiya is usually eaten with steamed rice, but it can also be eaten with roti, or Maldivian chapati.

Maldives Cuisine – a flavorsome quest

Out of the most popular tourist destinations in the world, the Maldives is on top of the list. In the midst of azure seas, turquoise reefs, white sandy beaches and palm trees, this is indeed a divine place. With all that picturesque beauty, Maldivian cuisine accelerates the scenic worth. The delicious flavours of Maldives cuisine consists of a broad array of seafood offering mouth-watering recipes using fresh local ingredients. Tuna is the main fish served, Skipjack tuna, little tunny, frigate tuna and yellowfin tuna being among the favourites. Boiling, smoking, sun drying or processing are the most common ways of preparing fish in Maldives. Garudhiya is a succulent traditional preparation, which is fish broth made out of a favourite fish type. Chillies, onions, curry leaves are also added to flavour the soup but it’s usually made with fish, salt and water and served hot with lemon, rice, onions and chilli. Rihaakuru is another delectable traditional Maldives dish which is consumed almost every day in Maldivian homes. Delicious short eats called gulha, masroshi, kulhi bōkiba, kavaabu, bajiya and fatafolhi are also made out of processed fish here in Maldives.

Coconut is an essential ingredient in Maldivian cuisine. They are grated, squeezed for coconut milk or else pressed for coconut oil. Coconut milk is generally used in curries and desserts while coconut oil is used to fry items. Maldivian cuisine gives much prominence to starchy items like rice, either boiled or ground into flour, tubers like taro, sweet potato, cassava as well as fruits like breadfruit or screwpine. A traditional breakfast here in Maldives would consist of a flat brad called roshi and mashuni accompanied by a spicy fish curry sprinkled generously with coconut scrapings. Much of the food here is supposed to be derived from Kerala and Sri Lanka. Hence, it’s often spicy and hot. A typical Maldivian lunch or dinner is generally rice, curried vegetables and fish curry cooked to perfection. The tempting bambukeylu hiti made out of breadfruit is a must-taste dish while in Maldives, for it’s not to be experienced in any other country.
Apart from the staples, Maldivian cuisine is renowned for snacks known as hedikka. Do not forget to try the Maldivian delicacy Kulhi boakibaa that is popular among the locals as a spicy fish cake and also gulha, which are fish balls made up of flour and coconuts with a mixture of smoked tuna, curry leaves, coconut, onion, lemon, ginger, turmeric, chilli, and salt and then deep fried until golden. Also try the bajiyaa, the local samosa, which is an essential party-time snack in the Maldives. Food lovers will be undoubtedly spoilt with the myriad of dishes available in this breathtaking location framed by the warm waters of the Indian Ocean.
If you are planning to undertake an amazing food adventure in Maldives, try staying at a Maldives resort where you could explore the mouth-watering Maldivian food. With a wide range of Maldives luxury resorts the most ideal spot would be Cocoa Island Maldives. This luxurious resort encircled by powder white sand beaches is sure to enrich your perfect holiday with a flavorsome experience.