A Great way to enjoy street food in Kuala Lumpur – One of the best Culinary Experiences

An obvious reflection of its population, the street food of KL is predominantly a vibrant mix of Malay, Chinese and Indian (although, influences from across South East Asia and beyond with Sumatran, Javanese, Japanese, Thai and Arabian are all in the pot.) There are many streets and street shops that serves fabulous culinary delights. Ascott Sentral Kuala Lumpur serviced residence is strategically located in Kuala Lumpur Sentral, a unique ‘City-within-a-City’ development designed by renowned architect Dr Kisho Kurokawa. This luxury apartments are one of the best Serviced apartments in Kuala Lumpur. The hotel gives easy access to best commercial hubs in the city, entertainment, shopping and many dining areas. The apartments come with a full equipped kitchen, dining areas and elegant bathrooms as well as daily housekeeping and many more modern amenities and facilities.


One of the main streets for fabulous Malaysian culinary delights, is the Jalan Alor Street. Offering the tastiest barbecued chicken wings in town, Wong Ah Wah headlines the plethora of Chinese restaurants along Jalan Alor. Formerly a measly little stall, the always crowded eatery is now an integral part of KL’s busiest food haven. Most of the stalls on this street operate until the wee hours of the morning, making Jalan Alor a popular destination for Changkat party-goers. Hakka noodles are hard to find in KL, and Toast & Roast on Jalan Alor serves the best Hakka Noodles. Honey-glazed char siew is one of KL’s most alluring street food tempts. Some of the most intensely charred pork can be found at Meng Kee. The pork here is sweet and yields a crunchy exterior, pairing nicely with the sticky rice. For Breakfast the Pasar Baru Bukit Bintang market, not only boasts a variety of fresh produce but it’s also a favorite breakfast haunt among locals.


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Dining at Kuala Lumpur- spice up your life with authentic Malaysian food

Malaysian capital Kuala Lumpur has many hotels and restaurants as well as street shops that sell authentic Malaysian cuisines as well as international range delicacies. Travellers visiting the city can consider a stay at one of the 4 star hotels in Kuala Lumpur such as Aloft Kuala Lumpur Sentral that offer guest’s luxury accommodation with modern amenities and the opportunity to dine in the best restaurants of the city.

Malaysian delicacies are quite spicy, as almost all dishes are combined with different varieties of chilli. Many restaurants in hotels such as Nook provides guests with signature dishes such as the Wagyu Beef Rending, Sarawak Lasa, Nasi Lamak which is a rice dish cooked with coconut milk and is considered as the national dish of Malaysia. The ambience of the restaurant is similar to that of a jet, with a green and white theme. Apart from restaurants the city of Kuala Lumpur has many street shops that present a different kind of dining experience for the visitors. The Jalan Alor area is famous street that has rows of street stalls selling food that represents best of Malaysia, for reasonable prices. Visited by many foreigners, the atmosphere created in the night is quite over whelming.

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Tasting the Difference – KL Street Food

Eating street food from food carts and informal street side cafes is the best way to be introduced to the food culture of a nation. Informal eateries now dominate entire streets in many cities around the world and are sought out for their reasonably priced, flavourful food served in a social setting. The choice of food and beverages on food streets enable sampling a range of local dishes in a centralized location. Jalan Alor KL’s famous street food area is accessible by metro from Aloft Kuala Lumpur Sentral, one of popular 4 star hotels in Kuala Lumpur.


Foodies visiting KL need to head to Jalan Alor in Bukit Bintang that changes itself into a foodie paradise at night where the food stalls are a reflection of the country’s population that is a mix of Malay, Chinese and Indian with Javanese, Sumatran, Japanese Thai and Arabian influences. Here foodies can linger over rice and noodle dishes, soups, satays in a mix of meats, omelets, hot and mild vegetable dishes, seafood and meat preparations, savoury rotis, rich dark coffees and tea served with sweet condensed milk, traditional sweets and desserts and cold beverages until the wee hours of the morning. As Malays seem to spend most of their time eating it is not a surprise that the variegated dishes available at street food stalls are some of the yummiest around. Coconut milk, a mix of herbs and spices, lemon grass, kaffir lime leaves, tamarind, ginger and galangal are the prominent tastes here. For anyone interested in learning what KL’s population eats, a visit to the Chow Kit Wet Market will be an eye opener. Other interesting places to taste street food typical of KL is Bukit Petaling, the heart of KL’s China Town, Jalan Sultan where street food stalls serve a eclectic mix of dishes, Jalan Tun Sambatahan in Brick Fields better known as Little India and Kampung Baru in the heart of KL that was originally established to preserve the Malay way of life where one can sample a traditional Malay buffet spread on a 20 meter long table.


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