The Taste and Tradition of Thai Cuisine – Delectable Dishes from Thailand

Any foodie will know that Thai food is packed with flavours and spices that will make you drool and crave for more.


Rice and Noodles


Rice and noodles are the main dishes that’s served with almost every meal. Mung bean noodles, wheat flour noodles, rice noodles are some of the most common types of noodles used in Thai dishes. Sticky Jasmine rice made from long grains are commonly used.




Thai people love their seafood as compared to meat, mostly because fish is easily accessible since there are numerous waterways which are teeming with fish species. Some of the best seafood dishes are served at a Koh Phangan restaurant, due to its close proximity to the ocean.


Vegetables and Fruits


Vegetables and fruits are often complementarily used in local dishes. Unlike western culture, vegetables and fruits are not served at any particular time of your meal. A famous dessert item is the mango sticky rice.


Meat and Poultry


Duck and pork are some of the most famous types of meat sold at street stalls and dining restaurants. Chicken and beef are also commonly served at restaurants around Thailand. Enrol in a cooking class held at Anantara Rasananda Koh Phangan Villas, to learn the art of making Thai delicacies.


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I, Terence Ong, Red roast duck curry, CC BY-SA 3.0


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Cocktails in Koh Phangan – A Delicious Combination of Classic Recipes with a Thai Twist


Cocktails in Koh Phangan, Image Credit: Anantara Rasananda Koh Phangan Villas


Located in the Gulf of Thailand, is the hippie haven known as Koh Phangan, home to the wildly popular Full Moon Party. The island ticks all the boxes when it comes to a tropical paradise – plenty of pristine white-sandy beaches, tropical landscapes and sunny skies. If you want to escape the noise and crowds found around Haat Rin (the location of the party), head north to the quieter, more relaxed beaches of Koh Phangan.


Koh Phangan has plenty to offer the comfort-seeking traveller, who would rather sip a deliciously blended cocktail than chugging from a beer bucket. The area has rapidly developed over the years, with plenty of elegant, luxury resorts, such as the Anantara Rasananda Koh Phangan Villas, for example, located right on the beach front. Koh Phangan restaurants in particular, are becoming well-known for their finely-crafted and stylish looking cocktails. After a hot day at the beach, by sunset, everyone is ready for a refreshing drink, and the concoctions mixed behind the bars here, are a perfect blend of classic recipes, with a Thai twist.


Discover an extensive range of cocktails expertly blended by talented mixologists, who inspired by the surrounding tropical beauty, have created their signature cocktails by using a wide variety of locally sourced fruits, and the finest spirits. Sit back with the delightfully named mangosteeni – a concoction that makes use of the natural sweetness of mangosteen fruit, blended with spirits and served in a chill Martini glass. Or better yet, there’s the Thaipirinha – lemon grass, ginger root, Thai basil and lime, muddled with spirits and ale for a refreshingly different taste sensation. If you are not keen on drinking beer out of bucket in the middle of a crowded beach, head over to the other side of the island and watch the tide roll in with one of the islands fabulous cocktails in hand.


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Must try Thai cuisine in Koh Phangan – Overshadowed delicacies with a side of sea breeze

If one dares to look beyond the famous Full Moon Party and less-known Half Moon Party at Koh Phangan, a tranquil island of tan sands and shady canopies awaits. Scattered amidst the shade of the ocean-hugging palms are Koh Phangan restaurants, the allure of which are unfortunately overshadowed by the loud and lively nightlife twice a month. If you prefer a more opulent setting, there are plenty of options such as Anantara Rasananda Koh Phangan Villas; that produce mouthwatering dishes by incorporating a twist of luxury while maintaining the unique and exotic flavors.


Thai love of food is quite contagious. When coupled with the smiling hospitality and the unique experience of beachside dining, the rich succulent flavors of this land titillates all the senses. The cool ocean breezes will sate the spice and sourness of Tom Yum Goong, a soup considered a national treasure, while breathing a salty breath of freshness to the diner.


The simple, yet zesty dish of grilled pork cutlets called Yam Khor Moo Yang will make you dig your toes into the golden sand. Northern Thailand staple, Laap – a toss of minced meat and herbs served over sticky rice or lettuce – will provide a true cultural experience, confusing the palate with its assault of lime, mint, coriander and red onion. Kuay Teow, rice noodles that have been absorbed in the zest of a dark, rich herbal broth will invite the guest to lose themselves in the unexpected assault of tastes.


Koh Phangan is a diverse cultural hub that is often eclipsed by the Full Moon glory. But do dare to venture where the average party-goer does not tread. A gastronomical adventure under the twinkling stars awaits the Foodie that braves the solitude of the peaceful days at Koh Phangan.


Furthermore, you can enjoy an ultimate Koh Phangan dining dining on on the beach overlooking beautiful Thong Nai Pan Bay with mesmerizing fire shows.


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