Must-Try Authentic Local Food in Bangkok – Experience Thai Cuisine at its best

Those who love food would know that all brilliant flavours are not confined to Michelin Star restaurants. Sometimes the authenticity of the dishes is truly brought out in the dishes served at the local eateries in town. Here are a few unique dishes to get a taste of.


Thai Cuisine

Thailand is renowned as a foodies’ heaven. The reason for this is most probably the fact that the country is filled with award-winning restaurants and the street itself is packed with eateries and hawkers preparing wonderful food that smells tempting!


Pad See Ew – Thai Stir-Fried Noodles

Commonly seen sold at hawker stalls and even restaurants in Bangkok, Pad See Ew is much loved by many. The dish includes a mix of wide rice noodles seasoned with vegetables like cabbage or Chinese broccoli and pan-fried with a meat of your liking. Add some dried chilli flakes for some spice.


Kluay Tod

Kluay Tod is a delicious dessert made of deep-fried bananas covered in a batter of desiccated coconut and sesame seeds. The dish might sound a little queer, but the taste of those golden, crispy treat is something you will remember for sure.


Som Tam

As we all know, Thai seafood dishes are the best, you just must try Som Tam! This is a great delicacy where the main ingredient is shrimp. Papaya, tomatoes and carrots are mixed with lime juice. Whet your appetite with hotel deals in Bangkok at hotels like Emporium Suites by Chatrium.


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