Comprehensive Guide to Foodies in Doha – For all Food Lovers Who Crave Succulent Twists

Cuisine forms an essential part of any culture and such a thought is more evident in Doha. While enjoying your holiday in Doha, try out the array of food on offer in this part of Asia.

Al Jamal Restaurant

When talking about the foodie folklore of Doha, one cannot forget the Al Jamal Restaurant since it features some of the exotic Middle-Eastern food. This place is an ideal spot for those who are in search of Pakistani food. If you visit this restaurant on a Friday, do not forget to savour their chicken biriyani. Those residing at one of the many Doha apartments the likes of Somerset West Bay Doha will be able to reach this restaurant within 15 minutes.


Lord of the Wings

Here is a chance for all the meat cravers to embark on an amazing gastronomic journey when in Doha. Staying true to its name, the Lord of the Wings restaurant mainly offers chicken wings. In addition, you’ll find Casual American food including flatbreads, burgers, and sandwiches. You will have the chance to select your favourite sauce from the ‘Sauceology Index’s.


Supper Club

If you are holidaying in Doha, head over to Supper Club to indulge in an exceptional dining experience with its three-course menu. If you enter this place between 5 pm to 7 pm you can enjoy your favourite dish just for QR100 and it applies to all its outlets including Spice Market and La Spiga.



You’ll find no better place in Qatar to savour authentic Brazilian cuisine than at Copacabana. This fascinating restaurant is based on the concept of Brazilian Churrascaria. In order to enhance the overall dining experience, poultry and prime cut meat are prepared in a traditional Brazilian grill right in front of you!


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Dining on an Exotic Island in Doha – Taking the romance to a whole new level

Pool Side Dining in Abu Dhabi

Doha restaurants are a key feature of the city, and one of the main attractions for visitors. There are Michelin restaurants, speciality restaurants, bistro-esque restaurants, and even fast food restaurants where you can sit down for a fulfilling meal. However, if you are looking for an experience that transcends all the meals you have had in your life, you can make your way to one of the exotic islands in Doha for a meal that you will never forget.

Exotic islands in Doha are more often than not the property of a resort or a hotel chain. Placed on the far end of the financial scale, these islands attempt to provide its visitors with experiences that are more than a meal. The island itself being the property of the resort allows them to customise an experience for you from the moment you set foot on the island. While these hotels often have several restaurants that you can choose to dine in, they often have speciality dining options. For example, at Banana Island Resort Doha by Anantara, it is Dining by Design. This gives you the liberty to choose where you have your meal – within a limited number of options that the resort will give you – as well as the luxury of having a personal chef for the night. This means you can tweak all the dishes to suit your palate to dot, or take it a step further and create a whole new menu for yourself that has never been tried before. Unlike a dinner at a natural island, there is a lot of manipulation of the landscape that goes into creating this experience. However, Doha does what Middle East does best in conjuring realistic landscapes and creates such a vision for the visitors that dining on an exotic island in Doha is a delightful experience that can be considered the epitome of romantic dining.


Caleb Falcon is a travel writer who specializes in writing content based on the many exciting world adventures that await intrepid travellers.


4 Mouth-Watering Traditional Foods from Qatar – Try Them and You Will Definitely Crave For More

Qatari people are known famously for paying great attention to their food and drink. Since consuming food and drink is a pivotal ritual practised socially and within the family boundaries in Qatar, they take great care and focus on preparing excellent quality dishes and beverages. Those who stay in Doha apartments such as those found at Somerset West Bay Doha can get to cook their own Qatari dishes in their well-equipped kitchens. There is nothing like getting to enjoy Qatar’s traditional gourmet delights to indulge in the best authentic food of the country. Qataris are known to have light meals for breakfast and dinner while enjoying a grand main meal during the middle of the day. They also prepare several sumptuous dishes to go together in one meal.

Machbous is the number one dish that Qataris would love to have. It is a rich blend of Eastern spices, pine nuts, raisins, basmati rice coming together with mutton, hamour fish or chicken that is used as the staple diet of Qatari people. If you are invited for a family meal in a Qatari home, undoubtedly you will be served the rest of the food with Machbous in a large communal plate. There are quite a number of restaurants in Qatar that serve Machbous as a main meal for guests but nothing like a home cooked meal that comes with this delicious food item Qataris can’t live without.

Try Mathrooba , another popular Qatari dish that is freely available in town. Some of the souqs have Mathrooba served throughout the day especially in the evenings as a special delicacy when breaking the fast during the Ramadan season. Mathrooba is prepared with chicken mixed in creamy and buttery porridge. Even though the dish may not look so appetising, the rich and full flavours it carries makes it one of the tastiest dishes in town.
Kousa Mahshi is made out of stuffed courgettes and is popularly prepared not only in Qatar but across the Middle East. It comes with stuffed lamb flavoured with mint & garlic giving it a yummy taste. The courgettes are finally baked in an oven before serving as a whole meal.

Wareq Enab is yet another sweet delicacy shared by Qatar with the rest of Arab world. The dish is prepared using grape leaves that are rolled around the filling of ground lamb, spiced rice and served as a great appetiser or even as a main course meal. Just like any traditional dish, Wareq Enab tastes best when cooked at home.