31 Oct 2020

Category: Sea Food

Sea Food

A Foodies Guide to Tianjin 

Boasting an amazing urban façade in China, Tianjin is quite popular for its scrumptious cuisine too! Particularly the seafood and river produce dishes! If you are a first-time traveller here, then you ought to know the dished to look out for in Tianjin. Tianjin Seafood…

Smoked Fish Salad
Sea Food

Must-Try Food Items in Seychelles 

As a fusion of various Asian and regional cuisines, Seychellois food is reliant both on spices and coconut cream as it is in the abundantly available seafood varieties. Grilled Fish This delectable dish is not only a delicacy locals enjoy quite frequently but a tried…

Sea Food

A Food Lover’s Guide to Busan 

If you’ve got the palate to handle all kinds of bizarre food on your travels, well look no further than Busan. The exotic traditional food here will challenge your tongue with its mind-blowing flavours and ingredients. Here’s all you need to know about where to…