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What to Eat in Maldives, a culinary highlight

The exotic Maldive Islands have acquired a well-earned reputation as a premier holiday destination, drawing many thousands of vacationers from across the globe. Offering enticing sun, sand and surf the Maldives never fails to enthrall its many visitors.

Maldives resorts provide international cuisine, but visitors would do well to sample the unique Maldivian cuisine which is native to the islands. Either at your resort or in the capital Male, travellers should take the opportunity to savour the distinctive flavours of Maldivian cuisine. In Male visitors have the choice of restaurants catering specifically to tourists and small-scale cafes which offer local food at very reasonable rates.

As one might expect in a tropical archipelago the bounty of the seas is a major component of the local diet. Fish is the staple of the islanders’ cuisine, with a variety of food fishes readily available in the Indian Ocean. Other common elements are rice and coconut, and these basic ingredients are combined to form many appealing dishes. Maldivian cuisine often resembles Sri Lankan and Kerala foods with hot and spicy elements, but retains its distinctive character.

Tuna takes pride of place, with such varieties as skipjack, little tunny, yellowfin and frigate tuna being the most popular. Mahi-mahi, wahoo and bigeye scad are other mainstays. Fish is prepared smoked, boiled, processed or sun-dried.

The traditional breakfast in the Maldives is Mashuni, made of smoked tuna and coconut. This savoury mixture is accompanied with roshi, a customary kind of flat bread. Maldivian curries should also be sampled, as they are meticulously created with exactly the right proportions of spices and condiments. Tuna curry and breadfruit curry are two of the most popular.

Another delectable treat is the local fried and grilled fish, which is almost invariably included in a spread of Maldivian food. You should also try bis keemiya, an envelope of pastry with a savoury egg and tuna filling.

There are also typical desserts like sweet breadfruit and fried banana cake which will captivate the taste buds of the visitor.

The well-informed visitor seeking a quality Maldives hotel will find an excellent accommodation in Naladhu Maldives. One of the outstanding Maldives island resorts this rest provides well-appointed accommodations and attentive service.



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