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    Traditional Sri Lankan Cuisine is spicy and is guaranteed to tantalize the taste buds. Sri Lankans are proud of their culinary heritage and ever eager to promote it. Visitors to the island acclaim Sri Lankan cuisine and often request it. … Continue reading

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    Sri Lanka’s cuisine is both mild, spicy, sweet and sour thanks to its long history of traders and colonisers who have influenced the local cuisine, creating a delicious blend of Dutch, Portuguese, English, Arab, Malay and Indian flavours. Sri Lankan … Continue reading

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  • Thai Food Dishes to Try in Phu…

    Phuket, a southern island in Thailand with a long rich history of trade with China, India and Portugal is one of the most culturally diverse islands, which also caters to an array Thai, Indian, Chinese and Malay cuisines. The island’s … Continue reading

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  • Cooking Lessons in Chiang Mai …

    With a rich history dating back to the 13th Century, the beautiful city of Chiang Mai in Thailand is one of the most historic and culturally important cities. Dotted with ruins for ancient temples, cultural landmarks, and many amazing archeological … Continue reading

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  • Johor Bahru A Hidden Food Para…

    Johor Bahru, known to be Malaysia’s largest southern city offers a handful of attractions like temples, museums, shopping malls and even a Legoland! Located close to the Legoland, is Berjaya Waterfront Hotel – Johor Bahru which is a great place … Continue reading

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  • Seafood in Maldives – Th…

    Could one think of a better place than an island to indulge in great seafood? It is doubtful indeed. To wonder whether someone could think of a better place than an archipelago such as Maldives and more specifically a Maldives … Continue reading

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Top Beer Gardens in Tokyo – Great after-work hangout spots

The top beer gardens Tokyo are great places to sip on some chilled beer and have a chat with your buddies after a long day at the office. Read on to discover some of the best beer gardens in the capital.

First off is Lumine Beer Garden. This place offers you a stunning rooftop garden with swathes of delicacies and tropical juices. All that for a simple sum of 4050 Japanese Yen. The garden is also open during noontime. But that menu is not as rich as the dinnertime one. Try to make it there on a Friday evening and you will get to watch various cultural performances. The menu will introduce you to Japanese mojitos and grilled pork. Bayside Beer Garden is known for its Euro-Asian-American menu. Confused? But you won’t be anymore, after you get to savour the delicious cuisines along with the frosty beverages. You could sip a good glass of beer at home in of course, but it would never be a complete experience without proper side dishes; cast that worry aside, however, for that’s what beer gardens are for – good food and great beer! Although, if you are intent on hosting an evening in, and don’t have a residence in the city, consider staying at a serviced Tokyo apartment such as Roppongi Residences so that you have access to a fully equipped kitchenette.

Beer gardens are not unique to Japan. But the Japanese beer garden experience is unique. Aloha BBQ Beer Garden is such a place where you can enjoy the beer in a genuine Japanese atmosphere. Included on the menu are spicy pork, smoked beef and teriyaki chicken. Smoked beef is a famous delicacy among the Japanese. Tokyo Tower Highball Garden redefines the concept of outdoor drinking. That said, the garden offers you a long menu of highballs with appropriate snacks. There is one thing you should watch out for: weather. If the weather goes bad, it will spoil your outdoor drinking experience. Jingisukan Beer Terrace offers an expensive experience for a cheap rate. The cuisine is tasty, without doubt – that grilled lamb, in particular, among a host of other delicacies.

Shehera Fioni is a travel writer who writes under the pen name Catalina Forbes. Her content is based on many thrilling escapades offered to travellers across the world.


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