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Thai Sweets and Food in Koh Kred – A Treat for the Taste-buds

The legacy of Thai food has travelled from the East to all round the globe. The unique flavors and combination of sweet, sour and spicy are some of the traits that make Thai food ever so mouth watering and delicious. In Thailand there are a number of small villages and islands that are famed for authentic Thai; Koh Kred is one of them and is certainly one island that you must stop by if you want to try flavors that are one of a kind and sweets that are out of this world!

Koh Kred is a small island that can be found on the Cho Phraya River. It is roughly 20 km from the capital Bangkok and can easily be accessed by the boat service. Koh Kred is famous for pottery and its touch with flavors. The artistic cooking in Koh Kred goes back to the time of Rama the fifth. When Rama was keen on visiting this island, his royal chef had to assemble a team to look after the cooking. Hence he got the locals of Koh Kred, trained them profusely to make their food fit for royalty. Secrets were shared and the art was revealed but the locals of Koh Kred did not get this skill in vain; for they passed their knowledge to their next generation who continued to do the same so much so that to this day this legacy has been preserved.

There are a couple of delicacies that one must try in Koh Kred. The Fried Flower is one such dish. This little snack is as interesting as its name sounds. Here pretty flower or vegetable is dipped in Batter and fried crisp and served with sweet chilli sauce. It is most certainly out of this world and definitely one of a kind! In Koh Kred you can find 2 special shops called Bann Som Chai and Bann Kun Ael that have excellent Thai sweets. Stop by and try the rich variety. Even the coffee and Tea in Koh Kred has a unique flavor about it and will make the perfect end to an interesting day exploring the island.

The wonders of Thailand are too much for words and sprout out in an array of different sectors. Even Bangkok cruises are quite popular in Thailand and a number of different packages are available to suit your expectations. The Anantara Cruises Thailand is famed for its exemplary quality. This Bangkok cruise tour will give you an experience of the city like never before.

Umanga Kahandawaarachchi is a passionate travel writer who writes under the pen name, Maggie Tulliver. Her field of writing covers a wide array of content and articles related to travel and hospitality industry. Google+

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