Traditional Local Dishes in Thailand – A Mouth-Watering Experience

Thailand’s cuisine is world-renowned, because of its mouth-watering dishes. When in Thailand, you must have a list of culinary delights that you want to try! Listed below are a few you may enjoy.


Guay Teow

A popular Thai dish that can be found almost anywhere, Guay Teow describes any type of noodle soup. It’s made with either chicken, pork, rice noodles or egg noodles. Sometimes, wontons or meatballs are added to the broth. This delicious snack can be eaten at any time of the day.


Tom Yung Goong

This spicy shrimp soup is rather iconic, and a favourite among several people. Different variants of this dish are made globally, however, for the authentic dish you ought to try it in its origin country. You can taste this dish at a number of Chiang Mai restaurants in close proximity to resorts and hotels such as Anantara Chiang Mai Resort.


Yam Talay

This is a spicy seafood salad that’s also considered a healthy meal option. You’ll come across a combination of squid, mussels, shrimp, scallops or crabmeat in it, together with onions, tomatoes, and rice glass noodles.


Pad See Eiw

Wide rice noodles; stir-fried in soy sauce with chicken, pork or beef as well as Chinese broccoli or cabbage. If you cannot handle a lot of spice from other Thai dishes but want to branch out, this thick noodle dish is ideal.



A combination of meats together with mushroom or mint originating from Isan, in the north-eastern province. This spicy salad is extremely spicy; therefore it is not recommended for those who cannot handle spice.

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Must-Try Chinese Dishes and Food Experiences in Chiang Mai – Tantalize Your Taste Buds with Flavorful Food!

With a large number of people of Chinese origin living in Chiang Mai, Thailand, The region is home to a plethora of restaurant that serves some of the most decadent and authentic Chinese food. Read on to know about some of the dishes you should try during your time here.


Peking duck

Crunchy on the outside moist and juicy in the inside, the pecking duck a meat dish that is loved by many. The dish is made by glazing the duck with honey and spices and slow roasting it turns to decadent and succulent delight. This is served in popular Chiang Mai Restaurants the likes of The Service 1921.


Dim sum

Dim sum when translated means “touch” and “heart” or heart’s delight and you will know why its called by this name when you take a bite. Being a staple dish loved by the Chinese, dim sum is small bite-sized portions of food that will be served in steamer baskets that are small in size. Dumplings are also part of this dish.



Eating flavourful food straight out of the hotpot is hands down one of the must-try food experiences during your time in . Hot pot is a traditional Chinese cooking method that involves preparing food using a simmering pot of broth. Diners can select the ingredients themselves and can cook them placing into the pot and enjoy straight off the pot. This will certainly be a unique experience.


Sweet and sour pork

Arguably one of the most popular Chinese food items this is prepared by Stir-frying succulent pieces of pork tenderloin, onions, bell peppers and small chunks of pineapple the ingredients are cooked and in a tangy and sweet sauce minutes before plating.



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Sichuan Cuisine of China – An exciting journey for your taste buds

Known as Chuan Cai in Chinese, Sichuan cuisine is internationally known for being spicy and incredibly flavourful. When you visit China, tasting the famous Sichuan cuisine is one that you simply mustn’t miss!


Distinct flavours

Sichuan cuisine is famous for the incorporation of unique flavours every dish contains. The bold flavour of this cuisine can be found in most Chiang Mai restaurants and around other parts of China. The secret of this flavourful cuisine is that every ingredient is cooked and flavoured separately, together with the use of chillies, garlic, ginger, mustard, etc.


Unique ingredients

The numerous aquatic ingredients commonly used in Sichuan cuisine, such as freshwater fish and crayfish are all known for its curing methods. Beef is another commonly used ingredient! However, the cuisine is not limited to only a set number of ingredients. The famous Sichuan hot pot is a dish that should be experienced as it a whole combination of different meat depending on your likes and dislikes.


The manner of cooking

Despite the few numbers of cooking methods this cuisine uses, it certainly embraces the methods used such as; quick frying, stir-frying, dry stewing and dry braising.

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Sichuan dishes you mustn’t miss

When you drop by any restaurant in China, such as The Service 1921, there’s a list of dishes you simply shouldn’t miss! If you think you’ve got the spice tolerance, a few dishes to try are the Mapo Tofu, Kung Pao Chicken, Sichuan Hot pot and fish flavoured pork.


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