Sri Lankan Cuisine To Try Out -A Taste of Lanka!

Sri Lanka is a land of many wonders. Take a bite of its feisty and unique cuisine and you’ll discover that some of these wonders can be found in its food as well!


Sri Lankan Cuisine | Free-Photos by Pixabay | CC0 Public Domain

Sri Lankan Cuisine | Free-Photos by Pixabay | CC0 Public Domain


Rice and Curry



The amalgamation of rice and curry is a match made in heaven. For many Sri Lankans living a day without eating rice and curry is a day that is not well lived! LOL You will come across this everywhere during your travel here whether you’re sitting down for meal at a café in Galle, at a luxury hotel the likes of the Pegasus Reef Hotel; or at the fine dining restaurants in Wattala, Kandy, Colombo or any other major city. There are many different kinds of rice just as there are curries. If you’re health conscious stick to red or basmati rice. When it comes to curry, they come in all different flavours and colours ranging from the beloved parippu (dhal curry) to the mouthwatering kukul mas (chicken) curry.


Milk Rice



If there’s any event to be celebrated- New Year, first day at school, coming of age or a wedding; Milk Rice will be there at the table. To make Milk Rice, one must first boil the rice with salt then when it’s cooked, add coconut milk and boil again. The cooked rice is then spread on a big plate and when its cooled, cut into either squares or diamond shapes. It’s either served along with the spicy katta sambol or with jaggery (palm sugar).





You’ve got to be hopping mad if you miss hoppers when in Sri Lanka! If you’re wondering what hoppers are, they’re sort of a crispy pancake that’s made out of rice flour. There are four different kinds of hoppers or aappa to try out. The savoury ones are the plain aappa and the biththara aappa or egg hopper. The latter has a egg in the middle of it. Then there are the sweet hoppers, the peni aappa (honey hopper) and the kiri aappa (milk hopper). The savoury ones are eaten with katta sambol and some sort of curry while the sweeter are eaten as they are.





The queen of all street food in Sri Lanka! Koththu is a dish that features strips of godamba roti that’s mixed together with vegetables, fish or meat. This mixing is really interesting to watch and listen. The koththu chef puts everything together on a special flat stove and then chops it up with two steel plates. The noise from all the chopping and the mixing sounds like a mash up of house music / beat boxing!


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Traditional Sri Lankan Cuisine – spices and sweetmeats

The island nation of Sri Lanka is bathed in rich tradition, unique symbolisms and a well documented history that spans centuries. However a holiday in the country would be incomplete if you do not try out some of the local delicacies on offer. As part of your Sri Lanka travel, consult Jetwing Travels which offers some of the most sought after of Sri Lanka tours that will lead you to a number of places that will be more than happy to provide you with a scrumptious feast.

Using the finest of local spices such as chilli, coriander and cardamom, dishes in the country are prepared to a fine recipe and one must take time sampling each of the treats on offer. Rice and curry form part of the island’s staple diet and can be enjoyed with a range of chutneys, pickles or even some of the much loved coconut sambol which comprises of coconut and chilli pieces. Roti which is a form of flatbread can be enjoyed with a dash of lunu miris for breakfast while dinner can comprise of string hoppers or hoppers with a choice of traditional fish or chicken curries. Should you be travelling along the coastal belt of Sri Lanka, you are bound to find a cake like sweet which is made from flour, coconut treacle and grated coconut and known locally as ‘Bibikkan.’ For the sweet tooth, one may sample some ‘pani appa’, ‘kalu dodul’ or ‘konda kavum’ out of which the latter can be found during the Sinhala and Tamil New Year.

Sri Lankan Cuisine – A spicy affair!

Twirling around fine and ravishing complexities of various spices and other exotic flavours, Sri Lankan cuisine is indeed a type of cuisine that caters to the refined taste buds. Rice and curry being the bare staples in any Sri Lankan meal, Sri Lankan cuisine also boats of other types of varied food items prepared with much love and care Sri Lankan style. This astounding range of flavours is best experienced during a luxury holidays to Sri Lanka and Paradise Vacations makes this all the more easier for the keen travelelrs by introducing Sri Lanka travel packages that enable the visitors to fully experience this beautiful isloand haven with ease.

A country that has been known for its amazing array of spices even from the ancient days, it dabbles and experiments with various exotic flavours that explode in one’s mouth. A traditional Sri Lankan meal usually consists of boiled or steamed rice, a main curry of fish or meat as well as various other condiments that serve as side dishes such as pickles, chutneys and sambols. The eccentric “pol sambol” is a local favourite which is made out of grated coconut, ground chilly, maldive fish and lime juice. In ddition to that Sri Lankans also enjoy “kola mallum” which is a mixture of chopped leaves, grated coconut and red onions. The variations are vast and choices endless. One must visit this tiny teardrop of the Indian ocean to truly indulge in the many culinary delights that it guards within its shores.