Best Dishes in Sri Lanka – A Taste of Local Cuisine

The Sri Lankan palate is one that fancies sugar and spice and all that’s nice, yes all this but mostly, spice! Let’s take a look at some of the best Sri Lankan dishes you ought to try on your travels to the island.

Polos curry

This delicacy is prepared with young unripe jackfruit cut into cubes which is then cooked with tasty spices. The spicy curry is usually eaten with rice or occasionally with bread too. It is quite easy to pass of this vegetarian dish as a meat too.


This is an unusual street food indeed! It is prepared with godamba rotti (a thin floury dough that is fried) chopped up and stir-fried with vegetables and seasoned with salt and pepper. The dish comes in all sorts of versions like vegetable kottu, egg kottu, and even cheese kottu. It is a favourite among locals and sure to be a favourite with you too!

Sri Lankan chicken curry

This is quite commonly eaten in the normal Sri Lankan diet known in Sinhala as kukul mas curry. The curry is prepared with chicken that is cut up into chunks, seasoned with spices and then left to boil while adding coconut milk for a lovely thick curry. The curry is usually enjoyed with bread, rice, or even with kottu!


Pol rotti and lunu miris

This is an authentic food made with flour, and coconut mixed with water, the dough is then baked on a flat frying pan. The rotti is then eaten with lunu miris which is basically chopped onions pounded together with chilli powder and salt for taste.

File:Curd and treacle.jpg

Hafiz Issadeen, Dharga Town, Sri Lanka, Curd and treacleCC BY 2.0

Curd and treacle

Usually eaten as a delicious dessert, beautiful golden kithul pani or treacle is drizzled over a serving of creamy, thick and silky curd. It is an explosion of sweetness inside your mouth! If you happen to be holidaying in a hotel, perhaps in AVANI Kalutara Resort, try out these scrumptious Sri Lankan delights. If you are on the go, there are plenty of restaurants in Kalutara or any part of the island that serves these dishes.

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Sri Lankan Food Styles – Exotic Treats to Remember

You need to try Lankan food to appreciate how delicious it is. Creating art on your taste-buds using basic simple materials and a myriad of spices, you get flavours here that you can never tire of.

Rice and Curry | Image Credit - Mayooresan , CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikipedia Commons

Rice and Curry | Image Credit – Mayooresan , CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikipedia Commons

Rice and Curry

A Sri Lankan without his quota of rice and curry for the day will hang his head in sadness. The simple meal is a staple, a favourite and a must-have. Rice is considered the main meal of the day often eaten at lunchtime. Fiery hot curries and milky vegetables make rice and curry a favourite at restaurants in Wattala.

Kiribath (milk rice) | Image Credit - AntanO, CC BY-SA 4.0 via Wikipedia Commons

Kiribath (milk rice) | Image Credit – AntanO, CC BY-SA 4.0 via Wikipedia Commons


Sri Lankans are very auspicious and come the first of the month, a birthday, special celebration or New Year and breakfast will consist of kiribath or milk rice. The dish is made with a specific rice rich in starch. Get yourself a good chicken or beef curry and enjoy a generous helping of milk rice when you are holidaying in places such as Pegasus Reef Hotel.

Ambul Thiyal Fish

Ambul Thiyal Fish or Fish Ambul Thiyal is a signature dish of the However, depending on where you have your Fish Ambul Thiyal from, the taste of it would differ. The origin of the dish is from the South; thus, it is quite common to have a Southerner bring a pot of Fish Ambul Thiyal when they are visiting relatives in other parts of the country.

Curd and treacle | Image Credit - Hafiz Issadeen, Dharga Town, Sri Lanka, CC BY 2.0 via Wikipedia Commons

Curd and treacle | Image Credit – Hafiz Issadeen, Dharga Town, Sri Lanka, CC BY 2.0 via Wikipedia Commons

Curd and treacle

As you make your way towards the Southern parts of Sri Lanka, you are sure to see little make-shift shops by the road that sell curd. The curd is fermented buffalo milk and is presented in clay pots. The treacle is often the sugary syrup from palm trees, primarily areca nut. Curd and treacle is a popular dessert option on the island, and Southern curd is high in demand no matter which part of the island you are on.

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Fun Ways to Make Healthy Food – Especially for Your Children

Getting children to eat healthily is one of the great struggles faced by parents, and many eventually succumb to giving their children what they like since it’s the easy way to get them to eat.

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Shrink Everything

Children love it when they’re made to feel bigger, this phenomenon even applies to humans in general but is a lot more evident in kids. Serving bite-sized portions of food on tiny serving utensils will fascinate them greatly and will lead them to enjoy their food.


Create Scenery or Landscapes

Many children are very imaginative creatures, and if you create a scene out of the food you’re serving, then they would greatly enjoy pretending to be monsters or massive creatures and eating various structures made out of food.

Fruit, Fruits, Heart, Blueberries, Blackberries


Muffin Tray Meals

This is a simple concept and it works wonders. Arrange all the food into the compartments of the muffin tray without mixing them, the visual aesthetics of this alone will compel children to eat the food.


Offer Fruits and Veggies as Snacks

If your child is hungry while food is being prepared, serve them some fruits or veggies as an appetiser. Due to the lack of choice, they’ll be more likely to eat it without complaining. Fruits are generally are one of the easiest grocery products to obtain, and readily available at places such as Keells Super.


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