05 Most Popular Sichuan Dishes from Chengdu: Enjoy the Exotic Flavours

Quite aptly UNESCO has honoured Chengdu the title of ‘City of Gastronomy’. It is the best place to taste traditional Sichuan cuisine. Sichuan food comprises of many flavours and each dish does justice to one particular blend of flavour. If you are on a foodie trail to the city consider Chengdu accommodation that is well placed close to restaurants for easy access and sampling of the exotic dishes. Better still are the serviced apartments as offered by Citadines South Chengdu.
The 177 apartment complex caters to the modern tourist intent on moving to their own schedule. Whether you are in Chengdu on business or leisure the Citadines South Chengdu has studios or 2 bedroom apartment accommodation to suit individuals, families or couples. Internet, housekeeping, fully equipped kitchens, entertainment consoles and trappings of a conventional hotel such as business centre, swimming pool, gym and much more are offered at this modern accommodation complex in Chengdu.
Choosing a Chengdu serviced apartment is the best excuse for popping out at various intervals to indulge the foodie in you. And Sichuan cuisine certainly does deliver. Some of the top five dishes are as listed below.
Sichuan Hot Pot: a spicy dish served with a pot of simmering stock right in the middles of the tray. This is kept hot via a burner at the base; into this dinners add ingredients they want to cook before consuming. Meat, vegetables, tofu and mushrooms are favourites.
Mapo Tofu: A dish created during the Qing Dynasty Mapo Tofu is a stir fried tofu dish that contains ground pork or beef, Sichuan chilli peppers and other exotic ingredients.
Kung Pao Chicken: One of the most famous Sichuan dishes Kung Pao is stir fried chicken cubes that are mixed with cucumber, deep fried peanuts and chilli peppers.
Twice Cooked Pork: Slices of pork together with red bell pepper, soy sauce and sweet bean paste combine to make this dish. The pork is first boiled in water and Sichuan spices after which it is sliced and stir fried together with the other ingredients.
Fuqi Fei Pian: This is a dish of sliced beef and ox tongue made in chilli sauce. Originating during the Qing Dynasty this dish consists of finely sliced beef and beef offal such as tongue, heart and tripe which are stir fried in a wok together with other exotic dishes.

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